Abdominal Myths
By Sidney Wilson

Everyone has abs, which is Myth #1. People tell me all the time, ďI donít have abs.Ē Sure you do, you just canít see them. A good abdominal program builds abdominal muscle and shreds the fat to bring them out of hiding.

Myth #2, you donít get abs by working your abs, you go after your entire middle core by working your entire abdominal region, made up of three frontal components: upper, middle and lower and a fourth: your obliques, which reside on the right and left sides of your bodyís core.

Myth #3, working your abs everyday, doesnít mean working the same abdominals muscles everyday. Like everything, you need to ďchange it up; switch it up.Ē Do lower abs one day, then middle, then upper, then obliques. Then start over with different types of exercises. Tighten that abdominal core when you train with weights, especially during shoulder and bench presses, bicep curls, triceps, everything. Make every exercise an opportunity to work your abdominal region.

So what are some good exercises that approach your abs with this holistic approach?

For upper abs, anything that engages your abs in upper body movements, like crunches. For middle, do full sit-ups. Lower? Any type of leg movement, for example, leg lifts on the floor or in a Roman chair. To hit your obliques, hang on a bar and twist your body from side to side.

So donít think abs, think ABDOMINAL REGION. Think middle, lower, upper, sides.


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