Back Biceps Routine
Nick Contrevo

Back workouts are one of my favorites because during a back workout you get such a good pump all over, including your upper, middle, and lower back. Also your biceps, forearms, and an indirect shoulder pump. I am always looking for more thickness and width (just like everyone else) but I have deemed a way of going about it. I think the total foundation of a back workout should put emphasis on sticking with basics, a very good technique meaning perfect execution of a given exercise without interruption or a sacrifice in form, and also once again the use of heavy weights. I always start my routine off with weighted pull-ups to the front. I don't count reps on this exercise because I simply want to do as many as possible even if it means hanging there for 15 seconds before the next rep. I switch it up between the strait bar and the curved pull up bar. It is a very basic exercise and in many opinions one of the best. The feeling you get when you are done with a set of pull-ups is phenomenal, everything is pumped and the blood is now flowing. Now it is time to dig in and get moving. Like I said before the use of basic movements are key, they add growth and thickness. Basics are called basics simply because there is nothing to them but a bar or dumbbell and weights. Also they are usually just one single movement, for example barbell rows is a basic movement as compared to a Hammer Strength Machine ISO-Low rows. Basic movements have been the key to many top bodybuilders including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, and in my opinion the best now Jay Cutler. All of them will tell you if you read any of there articles or magazine interviews that without your basic movements this sport would be quite different today. Well with that said I would move on.

I again always incorporate either a bicep, or triceps routines to follow my back workout. Like I said though if for instance I train back then biceps, my biceps are already indirectly hit and targeted so I always do about 3 exercises and 2 good sets but I always do a very good warm up before each set. I only do this with Biceps when trained with back. If I train triceps with back then I do my regular triceps routine, because my triceps are not indirectly hit from a back workout, but if I trained chest and triceps then the same principals would apply. The following is an outline of my current back workout.

Weighted Pull-ups
0 x don't count
45 x don't count
45 x don't count
50 x don't count

T-bar Rows

90 x 15
135 x 12
180 x 10
225 x 10

Close grip Seated Rows

200 x 12-15
250 x 10
280 x 8-10
290 x 8-10

Seated behind neck pull downs

160 x 12
160 x 12

Standing barbell curls
55 x 15-20 (first warm up)
135 x 10
150 x 6

Dumbbell Hammer curls

50 x 10
60 x 10

Concentration curls

30 x 12
35 x 12


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