Beginner Recommendations
by Adam Salomon

I remember the first time I ever lifted weights as a kid in a home gym in my parent's basement. I was just fooling around not even knowing what I was doing, but somehow the pump I had in my arms was amazing! I never felt anything like it. I felt like a superhero. I knew I just stumbled on something I wanted to do the rest of my life.

From that day on I experimented with many different workouts that I read in some old bodybuilding books I picked up. There were times I even did 30 sets of chest in one workout! Another time a friend and I did a 24 hour arm blitz where you do a set of arms every hour all day long while drinking protein shakes and egg whites in between. You name it I tried it.

From everything I went through by trial and error I believe I can share with you some very useful information. Follow what I am about to say and it will save you a lot of time and energy in the gym. First of all, as a beginner your body doesn't need much to stimulate growth. I would recommend about 6-9 sets per body part with a rep range from 8-12. I had good success hitting each body part twice per week. As a beginner I would be most concerned with my form. There is nothing worse than getting setback in the gym because of a careless injury. So always warm up properly and keep the form in check. When training a specific body part I recommend starting by hitting the basic compound movements such as the bench press, barbell curl, bend over rows and squats. After that you can experiment with certain isolation exercises like concentration curls, pec deck, cable crossovers etc. I would suggest some light cardio too if you have excess body fat you want to shed. No more than 25 minutes! In the beginning our goal is to build muscle; too much cardio may tear it down.

Basically I would do this for about 6 weeks than change the exercises as your body adapts to it. I wouldn't concentrate too much on diet, but I would recommend eating whole foods and eating clean! The first few months of training are the best months because anything you seem to do makes you grow like a weed. Follow these tips and you are sure to see great results in the gym as well avoid many pitfalls that I went through! Remember, to have fun and consistency takes the cake!


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