by Justin Isaac

So much hype has been placed upon carbohydrates as being the enemy when trying to lean out and get in shape. However, much of these myths would be dispelled if people were able to test the benefits of carbs for muscle building, to gain that dense, hard look.

Without glucose, your muscles simply can not grow to their full potential, no matter how much protein you feed them. In fact, if you are not giving your body the ample amount of carbs (especially post workout), it will convert protein from your muscles into glucose to get the energy it needs to recover and leave you in a catabolic state.

Consuming too much glucose is not advised either, but follow these 6 easy steps from Muscle and Fitness magazine and you too will rediscover the benefits of this amazing muscle builder.

1). Post workout recovery efforts should be centered around high-glycemic carbs, such as juice or simple sugars (fruit).

2). If you can select specific carbs (rather than eating foods), pick glucose or dextrose. These are found in fruits and honey and spike your insulin levels to put more carbs into your muscles (increase glycogen).

3). Do this after every training session, period.

4). Amount of sugar needed depends on intensity, but here is an example. Training hard for 6o to 80 minutes would require about .4 to .8 grams of high glycemic carbs per pound of bodyweight. If you are 200#s, that is 80 to 160 of grams.

5). If using advanced training techniques like negatives or forced reps may require more emphasis on carbs.

6). Consider taking about 10 to 20 grams before or during your workout to keep your body from breaking down muscle. Train hard!


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