Preparing for a Bodybuilding Contest
by Jason Lee Moore

What I go through to prepare for a contest is HELL!! I want to be the best onstage when contest time comes so there is a lot you have to do and sacrifice.

1) Diet-You must do research and find the best diet that will help you attain the look you desire. I choose a low carb diet, because it helps me get my body fat down very low for a contest. But there's certain things you must do to maintain muscle mass. Don't miss meals!

2)Essential Supplements-glutamine, bcaa's, mct oil, are all good for maintaining muscle mass while on a low carb diet. Keeping your protein intake high is also essential for maintaining muscle mass while on low carb diet. Fiber, probiotics/prebiotics are needed for proper food digestion and to keep bowel movements normal. Glucosamine and chondroitin are needed to keep joints and ligaments strong and supported. Those are just half of the supplements I use to prepare for a show.

3)Training-You have to train differently when preparing for a contest. You can do so by incorporating drop sets, supersets, and bringing your reps higher for more definition.. You have to train now matter what, don't miss training days!

4)Rest- you must get at least 6 hours of sleep a night if you want your body to respond well, 8 hours is ideal. You must do a lot of sacrificing: no partying, no hanging out, just training, eating, and resting.

With all of that info you should be able to get into the shape that you desire and take home the first place trophy!

Train hard


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