Divine Intervention

My business phone rang and I didn't recognize the number, I almost let it keep on ringing because of that fact alone. It was also 10 pm at night and I hardly ever answer that line after 9 pm unless it is a number I recognize. Well the call was actually from a friend of a friend, visiting from Ohio, whom I only met a few times in the last 4 weeks. The person who she had been staying with had kicked her out for reasons that are unimportant to the story, but nonetheless she was on the street in the strange state of Florida and only knew a hand full of people of which were in another state themselves at this point in time. She had asked me to come and get her from this friend's house. At this point I was right to assume that she meant to stay with me until we figured out what to do with the situation at hand.

I know that I acted extremely quickly to make the decision to let her stay with me until we figured it out, but it was not a blind decision. We had a couple of very deep discussions about a lot of concepts of life along with religious beliefs and concepts. As a matter of fact we had a discussion on the first day that we had met. It was a powerful and very spiritual. There was a great energy in the air, something more powerful than any other type of energy there is in this world. That energy let me know that she was a good person with good intentions for all. We all know that life doesn't always work out the way we would like it to but it always works out the way it was intended to. Unfortunately this new houseguest had revealed a painful lack of knowledge and experience in her life, which I believe was needed for her mind to advance to the next level of thinking and being. She revealed this in her actions, previous to the phone call, during the relatively small time I spent around her, in the month that I had known her. These previous actions had set me in a state of mind, which was being guided by that same energy I had experienced our discussion that first night we met. That state of mind was to set the ground rules and basically, on a different level of thinking, take control of the situation. I believe that this was necessary in order to achieve the higher purpose which we were both unaware of at the time, considering her previous actions that I had been witness to, which are also irrelevant to discuss. Things seemed like they would be fine with the exception of the for-shadowing vibe left to linger in the air.

With the gap in her knowledge still in place we decide to go out to South Beach, Fl and watch my friend/ business partner, Paul Bunting take third place in a body building show that was being held this past Saturday. At the last minute a friend of mine that I had only met about 6 weeks prior pleasantly accompanied us. While we were at the show, my friends' health took a turn for the worse and she fell ill. My houseguest had helped her out more than I could, being a woman and being able to relate to the pain my friend was feeling. That action alone backed up the fact of her being a good person. Later that night though was a whole different story. There were actions that took place that lead to a decision to end the night early. A very important and personal lesson of life was about to be learned by her and her mind was about to become that much wiser and be more open to new ideas and concepts.

The lesson was simple and was learned faster than expected. It was a lesson that taught her to keep a courteous, open mind to all people because there are great lessons to be learned from everybody at all times. She took the lesson very well and started applying it right away. This made me even happier because I really knew I did the right thing at this point.

As for the friend who fell ill, well that is a long story in itself but it does tie everything together. She had gone through a horrible experience the night before the show. This also is not an important issue to discuss. She needed help and out of my control she found it through me. The time she spent with my houseguest was much needed but the part of this whole event that I found so fascinating was that while my houseguest and I were having a 4 hour long discussion about the lesson learned and the energies involved, my friend was sleeping fighting a cold that had come on due to the amount of stress induced in the last 24 hours. I felt the presence of that energy again. This time it was bigger, wider, it took over the whole house. It was full of goodness. It seemed as though my house for that time period, was a sanctuary and a place to go to heal. That is what were happening though, healing and learning. This thought and concept that came to my mind amazed me and moved me in such a way; I will never be the same again. I believe these two peoples lives will be never be the same again either.

This article is written in dedication to these two people. You know who you are. It is also written to bring glory to the higher power, or energy if you will, whose divine intervention saves so many. Thank you!

Duane Levandowski

About the Author:

I am a Ft. Lauderdale based personal fitness trainer as well as a student to life. I have taken part in building this website www.efitnessprograms.com because I like to devise new and fun ways to help people achieve their goals in both life and fitness. You can contact me directly via e-mail at DCLevandowski@aol.com.


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