As I continue to grow older day by day, I always seem to wonder why our world in so misinformed about nutrition. I'm surprised how people fail to educate themselves about one of the most important aspects in life. I look around the world today and see we have a very serious problem in the U.S. People are becoming more and more overweight. Some people can go their whole life and never have to worry that much about nutrition. For the majority of us, we must wake up and become educated.

I'm going to give a quick overview and some good tips to help you get started on the road to better nutrition. I've been bodybuilding for a little over 5 years. I'm certified through ISSA in performance nutrition. I have reached extreme low levels of body fat many different times. It's not because I work out two hours day, it's because proper nutrition is about 80% of your results. How many people do you know that workout for over an hour at a time? How many people do you know that do cardio for almost an hour each day? How many people do you know that look the same since they joined a gym? These people are everywhere. I'm here to tell you, if you learn the basics on nutrition you can save yourselves hours in the gym.

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to weight lose is not eating enough calories. I have worked with many women that have this problem. You have to eat at least 1200 calories everyday. This is the very minimum. Your meals must consist of a carbohydrate and protein portion in every meal. This point system just doesn't work when it comes to fat loss. I hear all the time, "I eat healthy." The sad thing is, you can eat very healthy and still not lose fat. Here is a very good example. Let's say you have a breakfast of 4 egg whites, 1 wheat toast and an apple. Mid morning you eat an apple, and some carrots. During lunch you eat a small chicken breast and some broccoli. Mid afternoon you snack on pretzels. For dinner you eat a large salad, some veggies, and a piece of fruit. Most everything on this list is pretty healthy. You would think to yourself that I did well today; I'm going to lose some fat eating like this. WRONG. You only consumed around 45 grams of protein. You need at least 60 grams a day to function a healthy metabolism. You will lose weight, but it's coming from muscle. The body will feed off its muscle to function daily activities with calories this low. The human body is designed to store fat. It likes fat and wants to keep it. You have to trick the body to shed fat. The above meal plan is below 1200 calories. You go below that and you will slow your metabolism and put the body in fat storing mode. Let's think for a minute, how many people have tried low calorie diets? The answer is thousand's of people have. We must not get confused with weight loss. Losing weight quickly is not are main goal. We need to say, "I want to lose fat." You need to develop muscle in order to shed fat quickly. I will tell you those people who implement a training session are always more successful. When you develop muscle, you burn more calories at rest. I have seen many people get extremely lean while only doing little amounts of cardio because of proper nutrition.

So what are the key numbers? How many carbohydrates do I need? How many grams of protein do I need? How many grams of fat do I need? I'm not going to get scientific with all this numbers. Here are my best tips.


1. WATER: (80 oz at least) More if you sweat a lot. Bring that water bottle or shaker to work; drink up; it will keep you from eating bad foods. Water makes you lean. (Just up your water intake and watch the fat disappear.)

2. FIBER: Foods high in fiber normally have a low glycemic index which mean they help you lose fat and build muscle

3. PROTEIN: Protein builds muscle, the more muscle you have the higher your metabolism. Your body burns a lot of energy digesting protein sources in whole form

4. VEGGIES: Green beans, broccoli, salad: These foods are high in fiber.

5. WEIGHT TRAIN, EXPAND ENERGY, JUST MOVE MOVE, and MOVE: Becoming active can help so much. Skip the elevator, take the stairs. Just because you lift doesn't mean you get big. Remember you elevate metabolism with weight training. You don't have to lift for hours or 6 days a week, just lift and get that heart rate up a little bit. You could get great results training 3 to 4 days a week 20 to 45 mins.

6. CARDIO: IT BURNS FAT PERIOD. 20 to 30 min walk on high incline treadmill at 65% to 70% heart rate. Advanced walkers two 25 to 30 min sessions 8 hours apart. You'll get lean fast if the diet is right. Walk on an empty stomach soon as you get out of bed. Then 8 to 9 hours later do your second walk. Always very resistance and incline but keep heart rate in that zone. People very serious about getting lean. I suggest Power cardio 16 to 20 min sessions. When performing cardio do 30 seconds very hard then 30 seconds average. Continue this for the cardio session. Cardio like this will elevate metabolism and you will continue to burn calories for some hours after while increasing lean muscle.

7. SUPPLEMENTION: This will speak for itself. You start taking protein and see what happens.

8. EAT, EAT, EAT: 5 to 6 small meal per day (Eat something every 2 to 3 hours) Just watch your energy levels and blood sugar become stable. You used to get tired by 10A.M or 11A.M. Eat a small meal and fuel your body. A small amount of food throughout the day works wonders. You will we surprised how much you can eat and still lose fat.

9. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER SKIP A MEAL. Lets say you eat at 3 p.m something small. You get off work and want to walk or train at 7P.M; Skip the workout and eat a small meal. If you must exercise that evening, always take in a small liquid meal. Whey protein Isolate is great 20 mins before a workout. It's easily absorbed and I recommend a liquid meal before every workout. You will be in fat lose and muscle gaining mode. Your results are about 75 % to 80% diet. BIG, BIG TIP: NEVER go below 1200 Calories a day. Your body is taught to store fat. It will slow down its metabolism to keep fat. A good calorie intake for most men is 2000 to 3700 calories a day. Women 1300 to 2000 calories. You just stick it out and watch the body change.

10. CARBS AND FATS: You never thought I would say that. Carbs help function metabolism. Carbs and fats don't make you fat. Eating sugar carbs like white bread, white potatoes, most refined cereals, white bagels, white crackers, and most fruit juices that are all sugar and bad fat makes you fat. Have you seen someone who gained fat eating apples, oranges, veggies, oatmeal, rice, almonds and lean protein sources? You can eat fat; it keeps your hair, skin, nails and body healthy. Good carbs make you smile providing glucose (energy to fuel the brain and body all day).

11: CYCLE THOSE CALORIES AND CARBS FOR GREATER FAT LOSS: I would suggest 1.5 to 3 grams per pound of good carbs per day. .6 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound. 25 to 80 grams of fat per day: EXAMPLE 200 POUND MEN:
HIGH CALORIE DAY: C: 325 P: 160 F: 37
CAL: 2273
MID CALORIE DAY: C: 250 P: 165 F: 35 CAL:1975
LOW CALORIE DAY: C: 180 P: 220 F: 30
CAL: 1870

12.COFFEE, OR EPEDRA FREE FAT BURNER: This is your choice (I don't advise it.) It can elevate blood pressure and metabolism I recommend only small dosages and cycling it.

13.PREPERATION: Have a cook day. Mine is normally on Sunday. Cook chicken, rice, veggies, and have them prepared for your busy workweek. Get you a shaker and a blender. The blender can work wonders. I have a lot of recipes. Leave a box of protein bars in the car or the office. This will help you stay focused.

14. ALWAYS, ALWAYS EAT: Even if you're not hungry, skip the carb source and just eat the protein.

People might say you don't eat anything that taste good. Using olive oil and red peppers can work wonders. I advise if you feel like you want to cheat, eat 1 or 2 cheat meals a week. Remember cheating is for the mind. This is all a state a mind. You can cheat, but the better results you get the more you'll feel guilty when you cheat. Eat right for about a week straight then eat something bad sometimes. Remember you're not trying to walk around perfect. You're just taking roads less traveled, so stay focused. Get you a small order of cashew chicken and steamed rice sometime. (that is my favorite cheat meal)

16. SUPPORT, SUPPORT: Find a friend or loved one that has changed their lifestyle and is eating healthy. Talk with them, you can do this. Remember your changing your lifestyle. This is like accepting Jesus. Once you do that, you lead the life of a Christian. Lead the life of fueling your brain and body to be productive.

These are my tips to you. I wish you success and truly hope you achieve you goals. Remember, weight loss is gradual. I'm not trying to do anything drastic with you. It took you awhile to gain fat; it takes awhile to lose it. Don't worry so much about the scale. Let the mirror be your judge. God made some of us bigger than others. Some people can't look extremely lean all the time. You can only lose about 1 to 2 pounds of actually fat per week. This crash dieting and not eating makes you lose muscle and water. You drop weight, but it comes back quick. This will make you lose fat. This is a lifestyle change for life. You will adapt and feel like a new person. Make a goal and reasonable weight you want to attain. I'll get you there if your have the discipline. GOOD LUCK, ZACH



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