Eat more to lose weight and body fat!
by Craig Bill

As a personal trainer, I am not supposed to tell clients to get up on the treadmill and exercise until that is burnt out... As a matter of fact, I recommend most weight training mixed with some cardio. Too much cardio will strip away muscle too. But the bigger the muscles you have, the more energy your body spends to maintain it, causing body fat to naturally decrease. To put it this way, bigger muscles burn more calories 24 hours a day 365 days a year.... Additionally, study up on how to embrace a clean diet that enforces eating 5-6 time a day but in small portions... some of these meals may be protein snacks or shakes... so it really is not that hard to do it. Once you have proved to your body that it will have some nutrients every few hours, it will not "hold onto" extra food stored as fat. Give it some time. Try 6 week periods.... remember your body does not want to change that easy, so it will hold on to the fat it has for a few weeks often.

Additional tips:

1. Eat five to six times a day. This helps your energy and has material for you to undergo hypertrophy (lean mass gain). And in the process, you trick you body into thinking it does not need to store calories because it always had food for fuel. So don't starve, or your body will hold onto and increase fat weight because it feels there is or will be a long period of little nutrients. But don't eat too much at a time. Eat like a portion that is about as big around as your fist, in general.

2. Eat clean. Learn about foods that are low in fat and high in protein. Avoid fried, high sugar, and high calorie food. Think about what you will be doing in the next three hours and eat accordingly. Higher carbs/calories before activity/workout and less food amount/less carbs for sedentary periods. Keep protein constant at about 1-2 grams per pound of LEAN mass weight and low (not NO) fat. One more thing: if you are over disciplined on your diet, you will burn out too. Take a day or at least a meal a week to have fun; tasting is one of the great joys of life! But 52 bad meals a year are proudly better than 365 (and that's eating bad once a day), get the picture?

3. Lift weights to lose body fat along with mild cardio. Don't do too much cardio or you will lose lean mass too. Remember, toned and larger muscles take more calories to support. So the more muscles you have, the faster and easier your fat weight decreases. Sounds wrong, but its true: resistance training is the fat loss method of choice, not total cardio.

4. Don't forget to try supplements... If you are training hard, it is just not possible to get all the nutrition from food alone. And elite athletes know this. Confused? Understandable. Stick to these top four supplements of the past several decades: Protein, Glutamine, Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), and Creatine. Don't forget these important ones too: Multi-vitamins, calcium, and anti-oxidants. Don't be afraid to try out others you think will help your goals. Some people report that certain supplements worked very well for them, while the same supplement did little or no help on others.

5. Keep a record or log of what you are doing and have done. This is a place to return to observe what did well for you or not. Not everybody responds the same way to a specific routine.

6. Measure your progress. You just wont believe how this will become important if you are really giving it hell. Believe me, once you have made quick progress and are into more advanced training, you start to measure your new progress in millimeters. It gets that exacting. Hell, you want to know how well you've done even if it is 1% body fat! Some of these methods are circumference, weight, and body fat testing.

7. Dynamic approach - Change! Just when you get comfortable with a routine or weight or exercise - change it up. Don't let your body figure out what you are going to do next. The human body struggles to adapt and be comfortable. This is the enemy of your progress, and it can be in all areas of your life. That's why in a new or uncomfortable situation you excel and remember things with much greater detail. Impact. And this is the philosophy that I live by: If it is a difficult climb, perhaps that's the climb of truth; the right way. Read: difficult; hard, uncomfortable, not impossible, heavy decision, long way around. Read: the right way; progress, ethical, reward, pride, freedom, esteem.

Try these common denominator methods of success and see how you progress!


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