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How would you like to learn a way to shed up to 15 lbs of fat per week without changing the way you eat, without exercise, and without taking any pills? Well, I would like to know that method too! Unfortunately reality will not permit most of us to burn 15 lbs of fat without making any effort at all. Then again there are some pretty simple methods you can use that require minimal efforts and no pills. In fact, some of these methods are so easy that you could spend about 20 minutes per day with no strenuous exercise and experience some rapid fat loss. I am going to outline several sure fire ways to turn your body's own metabolism into overdrive, so you can literally sit back and watch the fat disappear.

Walk your way to a better body. One of the key factors to fat burning is to exercise in a manor that encourages your body to tap into fat stores. It is a common misconception that hardcore jogging, biking, swimming, ECT. will burn fat. The truth of the matter is that when you are engaging in a physical activity that raises the heart rate past 65% of your maximum heart rate you are burning glycogen. Glycogen is what your body burns as a source of energy. Glycogen is the end product of carbohydrates, or what they are metabolized into. Your liver stores glycogen and "time releases" it into your bloodstream as needed. Streanious physical activity requires your liver to release glycogen into your bloodstream so that you have the energy to continue.

When you are looking to burn fat it is important to understand how your body functions so that you can get away with what seems like putting a minimal effort into fat burning and getting maximum results. There are two factors with exercise related fat burning, that if they are properly applied make fat burning simple. Know how and timing. Let's start with the know how part.

It has already been established that strenuous physical exercise burns glycogen, not fat. To change that into fat burning exercise the solution is almost painfully simple. Do not work so hard. The heart rate should only get up to 65% of its max rate for any fat burning exercise. This type of exercise taps into your body's fat storages while leaving other recourses (including muscle) in tact. Exercises that accomplish this goal are as simple as a brisk walk, or a slow bike ride. If you prefer to do your fat burning exercise time at the gym any of the cardio machines will work great as long as you keep the pace down. Most of these machines will even have a heart monitor along with instructions about heart rate. It almost seems too easy, but believe me, it works. Better yet, do not believe me, and go try it for yourself for a few weeks and make your own decision!

Before you go racing to the nearest health club or go on a neighborhood walking frenzy knowing what times to get the most out of your fat burning workouts may help a bit. There are actually two times that you will get the most out of your fat burning sessions. One being first thing in the am, the other being immediately after exercise. Doing a nice steady walk (or any other low intensity exercise) first thing in the morning before you eat does a great job of burning fat. At this time your glycogen stores are low, leaving your body to use energy as a source of fuel for your exercise. You do however have to be careful not to exercise with too much intensity with low glycogen stores or you will end up burning muscle as a source of fuel.

If you are wondering when the other best time to do these fat burning exercises is, I am sadly going to have to tell you that this time does not apply to everybody. Only those of us who do strenuous exercise are able to benefit from this fat burning session. Reason being is that it is to happen immediately after your workout. As you perform strenuous exercise your body is burning glycogen to fuel your efforts and complete the workout. Hopping on the exercise bike, or whatever piece of equipment best suites your needs at this point in time is perfect because of an already low glycogen level. Again you are going to have to be careful not to work too hard otherwise you are going to end up burning muscle.

The bottom line here is that no matter what way you want to look at fat loss, or fat burning you are going to have to do the legwork to get it done. How you choose to do that work can be the difference between burning a lot of fat, or hardly burning fat at all. Although there is no way out of doing the work knowing a winning strategy can certainly make it a lot more enjoyable!

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