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As with nutrition, everyone is different. I train every body part only once a week. Remember, your body needs rest. This is when your muscles grow!

As a hard-gainer, it's important for me to lift heavy weights. Ten sets per each body part is sufficient with 8 - 12 reps per set. Select a weight where failure occurs in that range and rest about a minute between sets.

Also, it is important to do a variety of exercises for each body part. Change the exercises and order you do them in every three weeks. Keep your body guessing. By "shocking" your body your promoting more muscle growth.

If your goal is to be lean and muscular, train with lighter weights and keep the reps higher (12 - 15 reps per set), and rest about 30 seconds between sets.

Although I'm a hard-gainer, occasionally I'll go from doing 6 - 8 reps per set to 12 - 15 reps per set. How I train sometimes depends on what kind of role I'm preparing for and I make the adjustments accordingly.


Everyone is different. What works for me may not work for you. It is my philosophy that you should only eat what you burn. I lift weights and empathize protein. But if you eat too much chicken and tuna, and it's not assimilated, your body will store it as fat. Diet alone won't help you build your best physique. If you don't train your muscles, the protein will be stored as fat, probably around your midsection.

I eat about five healthy meals spaced throughout the day, which combines at least one protein source and a carbohydrate. Here is a partial list of foods I include in my diet.

chicken breast
turkey breast
egg whites
white fish (tuna)
whey protein shakes

sweet potato
lima beans
brown rice
whole wheat pasta

lettuce, tomato, salady shit

Avoid bread and keep the "junk" (processed foods) out of your diet as much as possible. If it contains too much salt, sugar or white flour (cookies, cakes, doughnuts) consider it a great-tasting feel-bad food which should only be eaten occasionally.


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