Setting Achievable Realistic Goals
by AJ Sims

Setting realistic goals for oneself is a core value and belief of mine. A personal example was during the most recent bodybuilding season, I entered the 2004 D&A Capital City Championships in the best shape of my life. I was conditioned from head to toe and came in full and hard. Though I didn't get the placing I felt I deserved, a realistic goal that I set and achieved was to be able to say, "There is nothing more I could have done, I could not have trained harder and my diet could not have been more perfect!" People must learn to set goals specifically tailored for them. Many individuals want to gain twenty to thirty pounds a year. However, this is accomplished not by body weight or amount of resistance being used, but by evaluating your physique and understanding what options are available. This means the different equipment in the gym and the proper type of food. The science of nutrition makes up ninety percent of achieving your goal. I cannot stress how important nutrition is to achieving a desired goal. Without proper nutrition you will not reach your benchmark or what I refer to as "a realistic goal". Proper nutrition feeds your muscles, regulates blood flow and replenishes glycogen (a white amorphous tasteless polysaccharide (C6H105)x that is the principal form in which carbohydrates are stored in liver tissue and muscle). To simplify your nutrition program

Log every meal and the emotions being felt at the time of your meal. This will enable you to refer back as a reference and also able you to make any corrections with your diet. Another important piece of advice is to sit down and listen to more experienced individuals comments and suggestions. Remember; don't be afraid to try different techniques, because something has worked for another individual doesn't necessarily mean you will achieve the same results. It is very important to keep an open mind and experiment with new techniques. Setting realistic goals for oneself is the best way to achieve your desired appearance, weather it be to gain lean muscle, lose weight, increase strength, or better define a certain muscle group. I will revisit this subject in future writings; however, the first step is setting achievable realistic goals.


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