Instant Gratification vs. Long Term Goals

This one is a real tuffy for many people, do I eat the foods that I want now and bitch about it later, or do I "suffer" through another "bland" meal? If this is one of the little head games that you play with yourself you are definitely not alone. The discipline to maintain proper eating habits to accomplish a specific goal can be a real challenge at times. What it really comes down to is instant gratification vs. long-term goals.

As many of us well know instant gratification can quite easily be the road to self-destruction in many different areas. For attaining a specific look or level of energy that can be attained through strict eating regimen discipline is required. It is real easy to rationalize that just one piece of cake is not going to kill me.

As this is true it can also be habit forming to rationalize eating foods that may taste really good, but not do any justice to anyone aspiring to change their body. Changing your energy level, metabolism, and physical appearance is something that does not happen overnight. It takes time, hard work, discipline strength, and patients. As a reward for hard work applied over a period of time you will be able to reap the rewards of fitness and eating to win.

But if that is so how do you get through the times of temptation, especially if they happen often? First of all if you are always having a hard time with the way that you are eating you may want to take a closer look at your overall eating habits and make sure that you are not starving your body of nutrition that it needs.

There are plenty of books, websites, and qualified individuals that can guide you into the right direction to make sure that you are getting all the nutrition that your body needs.

Presuming that you are getting all of the nutrition that you need and you are still having a hard time a change of perspective will help the situation. If you are going to look at the decision to "go on a diet" as one that is restrictive, hellish, and causing you not to love live life to the fullest, you are thinking about instant gratification. Just as having that piece of cake is not going to kill you, is it going to kill you not to have it?

Are you really going to give that particular meal that you missed a piece of cake a whole lot of thought a week down the road? Is all about perspective. If you can rationalize reasons not to have the junk food that may be in question you will be on the track to long-term goals and success. The rules in the fitness world are the same as anywhere else in life, if you want success think long term, not instant gratification. After all you cannot have your cake and eat it too!

Till Next time,

Paul Bunting


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