Two Thousand Eight Hundred and One
copyright Justinian Miller

That's the number of names they'll read today at ground zero
A place not too far from here where many have died a hero
They died for our country, they died for our lives
They died in our world without saying goodbyes
She wasn't in the army, just a mom working on floor number 82
He wasn't trained for war, but over a Pennsylvania sky knew what he must do
Must have been hard running up those smoke filled stairs trying to see
In all those brave brothers lost of their own three hundred and forty three
Many things happened on this dark September day
With bright sunny weather who'd think in this way?
Some sick twisted someone with a scary vision to display
Display to his world and enemies at bay, "here is what I have to say"
As he spoke in his mind "on you many people I'll commit a horrific crime"
"My God is better than your God", in his mind he exclaims
As him and his clan tear into our buildings with our planes
Well what kind of God would do something like this?
Killing all those innocent people is simply ludicrous
So crazy it all is…man, what were you thinking my friend!
What did these people do to deserve this kind of end!"
Why I refer to you as "friend" I certainly don't know
But I'd love to hurt you, locked in a cage and off I'd go
Taking you apart piece by bloody piece, loving your screams, damn what a dream!
But what would I accomplish by that? Nothing at all, except revenge I'm seeing
I need it for our people our children and our dead, man what emotions go on in my head!
Why did they do this, from where did this come?…We must look despite a very bright sun
Strain with our eyes, through our tears and our cries
Try to understand why these people give in to such lies
There is no truly sane answer of course
These were hate filled individuals getting power from an evil source
An evil force in nature that does unfortunately exist
But if we all bond together justice will insist
Our country was founded on great ideas of promise and liberating dreams
It's time for us to pursue them the hour is upon us it seems
An hour of judgement in an age in need of change
We must act now world, our thinking must rearrange
The liberation I speak of is not just for us but also for them
We are all part of life's circle…spirits living here as men
As a people with freedom, love and passion in our heart
Here's a little clue…that's where we all must start
Not in a building looking at a statue of some guy
Who lived here many years ago and has long since said goodbye
No offense to any great leader, woman, man or god
But were in an advanced age that has become quite odd
We can't keep hating we must teach these others to love
Show them we are not bad and terrible with power from above
We are people like them and come from the same place
To go on hurting each other is the biggest disgrace
We must arm ourselves of course, for that we have no choice
Must protect our way of life but also give it a voice
Our strongest weapon is not our bombs, it simply lies within
It lies within all of us, we must be strong and use it and never give in
Never give in to hatred, resentment and lies
The weapon is giving…it's so simple and wise
We will fight many battles still and people will loose many lives
Daughters will lose fathers, mother's suns and husband's wives
But when some smoke clears reach across our world and embrace
Teach others that we are all part of the same human race
Cause if we don't stop destroying eventually we'll all die
Unable to come together as our creator kneels and cries
He cries for our failures and takes them as his own
When really it's our fault, for we should have known
Should have foreseen the future on that bright sunny morning
Instead it's a year today that we are mourning
Mourning the loss of two thousand eight hundred and one
But that's just in New York, in total over three thousand are gone
Leaving their families to live and to grieve
Folk's this is the reason we have to believe
Believe in each other, believe in our minds
Believe that we are all one and see all the signs
See all the signs before it's too late
We must learn how to love…and how not to hate


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