Meticulous Efforts

Being meticulous, or extremely careful, when taking on tasks, no matter the size, can make the difference of success or failure. The first question that should come to your mind is, "How?" Well to answer that question we have to look at this idea on a much smaller scale first.

Imagine that you are going to mop a floor. You could just run a mop over the floor and it would look fine. Being that you want to do a meticulous job on this particular floor because you have your mother coming to town or something then this is a whole different ball game.

To mop this floor you will need to move all of the furniture and other items off of the floor and sweep the floor first, to get all of the loose dirt up. Making sure you sweep in all of the corners. Then you will have to put the right mixture of chemicals in a bucket and with a clean mop head, begin. Going from left to right or right to left you commence in mopping this floor. Maybe when you are done you wipe the baseboards on the floor to get the chemical residue off.

Now you are done and you step back to admire your work. You say to yourself, "job well done". Only the problem you see is that the floor could have looked just fine with out all of the preparations and time "wasted" as you might say. You might also say that your mother wouldn't notice or that it is only mopping a floor not running a business. These are all great excuses and can all keep you from doing this job the right way, but here is were we step back and reflect.

The floor not only looks better but it is much cleaner because you did it the right way and took the time to get the corners as well as use the proper chemicals to ensure that the floor is disinfected and rid of germs and bacteria. You moved all of the furniture out of the way so you didn't miss any spots. The satisfaction should come from the fact that you did the job the right way instead of taking the short cut. The pay-off in this case is that your floor will stay cleaner longer and there won't be any build up in any areas such as corners or under furniture. Your floor will stay looking newer longer and it will be free of germs so your health won't be compromised.

Now we can look at this idea of being meticulous on a much larger scale. Apply the same technique you used to mop the floor to life. It takes the understanding of a few concepts to apply such a thing. One of the more important concepts is patience.

"Patience is a virtue," a saying used time and time again. What does it actually mean? Well it means that patience is a great thing. With that, having patience will bring good things, but at the same time that patience is hard to come by and even harder to maintain. We are human and we are not perfect but we should all strive to be. By having the patience to mop the floor the right way patience for the biggest of projects or even situations will come naturally. So practice patience in even the smallest things you do in life.

Discipline is another key factor in being meticulous. First we must ask ourselves what discipline is. Discipline is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. No one was there to see you clean your floor and even if you really are having company that might not notice the difference, it doesn't change the fact that the floor is not at it's cleanest unless you put a meticulous effort toward it.

Practicing these two things will give you a new way of thinking. It will help you to think very methodically. That is very important to becoming successful. Methodical thinking will enable you to see the end of a project before it is completed. That will help you to trouble shoot any problems that might come up in these projects before they become bigger problems or cause more work in the long run.

With that, patience and discipline are two key factors to practice and apply them to every aspect in your life to achieve methodical thinking, which is one key to success.
Duane Levandowski

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