How it can help you…Lose Weight?
by Duane Levandowski

You are probably wondering how such things as organization will help me to lose weight, I mean really now. That sounds preposterous. Well have I got news for you, it can help you to lose weight and I will tell you how.

The first thing we must do though, is analyze organization and all of it's benefits in life. Being organized will free up a lot more of your time because even the littlest of jobs, that would normally be forgotten about until last minute, will be done when you planned for them to get done. Your day won't be so scattered because it will be mapped out and you can actually save money that is usually wasted due to unnecessary spending if you apply these techniques, in that particular area, that we will talk about in this weeks' article.

Now that you have more time, more money and a focused mind, we can put our energy in to loosing weight. This is no easy task, if it where, then everyone would be doing it. Even though health and fitness is growing and will continue to grow…we are still part of the elite who put forth the effort to be in shape and live healthy lifestyles. Being organized about it will only help make it easier to achieve.

Being that the goal is to lose weight, there is a scientific method to do so effectively. The better we understand that method, the easier it is to do. A common misconception that people have is that they need to eat less food to lose weight. So people go about either putting diets together themselves or purchasing diets that leave them eating next to nothing. Some people purchase pills that promise to block fat or reduce the appetite. This is a prime example of a serious lack of information on the correct way to go about losing weight.

In order to ensure that you are receiving the correct information on how to lose weight or need a reliable source of information on the subject, you can usually purchase very useful diets and exercise plans from select personal trainers. They should be very informative and used to educate you on the subject of fitness. Some people buy a few sessions to go along with the purchased program to learn the proper form on specific exercises and to see how the program should be used properly. You can make your decision on which plan suites you're needs specifically based on your knowledge and willingness to learn about this particular issue.

The reason I say that it is recommended that you use a personal trainer to put your program together is that not only are most personal trainers well educated in fitness, or at least they should be, it is a fact that there is some form of method devised to track progress, under the creativity and style of the personal trainer. This basically means that in their own way, the trainer uses their own style of training yet follows certain guidelines for tracking progress.

Tracking your progress is important to success in this area. That is where we implement organization into our diet and exercise programs. The key is to write everything down, day by day, so you can review both your strengths and weaknesses in any given area or time frame. For example, you might follow your diet exactly until Thursday but when you wake up Friday you might start to cheat a little and before you know it you have negated everything you have worked for in the last week. By tracking progress you will catch this early so it doesn't continue unnoticed for long.

Cheating can happen without knowing it due to the fact that because you have made such a dramatic change in your lifestyle to begin with, you will most likely adopt the attitude "at least I am doing it." This is the wrong attitude to have if you are really serious about losing the weight. It takes discipline to do but being organized helps to reduce the risk of failure due to constant checking up on yourself as a good trainer would.

If we were to apply organization to the rest of our lives the same way that we did here, there is no doubt in my mind you will become more successful in all areas of your life.

Good luck in all aspects of life!

Duane Levandowski

About the Author:

I am a Ft. Lauderdale based personal fitness trainer as well as a student to life. I have taken part in building this website because I like to devise new and fun ways to help people achieve their goals in both life and fitness. You can contact me directly via e-mail at


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