Play it all the way through
By Paul Bunting

It's mealtime, you know, the time that a great many of fitness programs are strongly backed up, or broken down. By now it is common knowledge that in order to actually achieve results at any sort of exercise program that what you eat plays a major role. Yet this is a time that so many of us run into frequent moments of weakness and indulge is foods that are unhealthy and contradict all of the hard work vested into a fitness program. Why is this, what drives people to have moments of weakness so often at mealtime. What could possibly cause a person to spend time and money on a fitness regimen, and then blow it by eating garbage?

Acting on cravings for foods can be a deterrent for a lot of us. Merely the thought of some nice, cold ice cream can be enough to start the process of eating bad food frequently. Thinking of how good the ice cream will taste. How wonderful of a sight it is to have your favorite flavor right in front of them whipped cream and a cherry. How enjoyable it is to eat that ice cream that just tastes so good. So what do you after having these thoughts? Chances are you get some ice cream fast. Well, then what, what is there after you eat that ice cream? The common answer is to have never thought of what happened next. You probably went on with your day or evening.

So it was a thought process that ended up in a binge. Now if this only happens every once in a while it is no big deal. If it is often you may want to take on a different perspective of that food you "binge" on. The above thought process simply outlined a building desire to have few meals that may seem a bit off course from a good regimen. Thinking only about the food, and nothing about after you eat the food is the problem.

Sometimes playing the whole record through is the best way of looking at your eating habits. While the ice cream may be a quick fix that is be great for 10 minutes or so there are also other things that happen after you eat the ice cream. To begin with an overindulgence in a certain food is just plain not healthy. Let's not even get into that, you already know. It is the emotions that accompany the ice cream that can be the biggest problem. Feeling guilty, feeling you failed, or just feeling bad about not being able to keep an eating pattern together can be enough of a reason for many to continue eating bad. Why try you are only going to fail attitude.

There is no reason you should "fail" at an attempt to clean eating habits up if you want to. Actually thinking ahead before you eat a bad meal can change your mind 100%. Thinking in advance of not only the unhealthy part, but also all of the emotional garbage that can accumulate from regular bad eating. Looking ahead to things like the indigestion that some of your favorite binge foods can give us. Remembering the somewhat unpleasant feelings you get after doing something you know is bad for you. Looking at trying to get in better shape and seeing it as out of reach because of eating bad food, or better yet a lack of willingness to like your own body.

Seeing those vary feels, both physical and mental can easily rationalize you out of constantly eating bad. For some it can even make the entire way you look at food change. Seeing food as somewhat of a tool. Seeing that with food you are in control of how your body operates. If you eat foods that are good for your body will generally help you feel better, and more importantly keep you in good health. One of the best ways to build the immune system is with foods.

The only bad thing about "healthy" food is the perception in which it is commonly viewed as bland tasteless food. Granted some of the foods are a bit bland by themselves there are a lot of ways you can dress food up to make it taste pretty good. If the desire is there, there are also plenty of resources you can seek to get information about how to prepare good tasting "health food". The internet is a pretty good place for starters. There are plenty of websites with a lot of information about how to prepare foods.

The "health food" may not be as fulfilling to your taste buds as binge food is. However as the food digests the health food is going to make you feel, and function a whole lot better than binge food. So what this really boils down to is instant gratification vs. long-term goals. The binge food is a wonderful source of instant gratification and nothing more. That is the decision that must ultimately be made with every meal you consume. If you can at least recognize that you are well on your way to changing your habits for the better.

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