Living a More Productive Life

It is Monday morning and you drag yourself out of bed, get ready, probably have coffee to get you going, skip breakfast and head to work.

You come in to work and if you are a smoker, have your cigarettes on breaks, and are usually tired by lunch- time. If this sounds familiar then you are most likely to eat fast food for lunch. Again you are tired before the day is through due to a lack of nutrition. When you get home you will eat your dinner, what ever it may be, do work and/or sit and relax because you had a hard day.

The amount of work you did at work could very easily be doubled if you lived a healthy lifestyle. Your energy levels would increase naturally and you would become more productive. You would probably be, overall, happier and in a great mental state just by living a healthy lifestyle.

Here is the same day with the conception that you started living a healthy lifestyle.

It is Monday morning, you wake up and you get yourself together, take a shower, brush your teeth and so forth, get dressed and now that you are on your new exercise program, you take your morning walk and then eat a healthy breakfast.

Off to work you go with a small sense of accomplishment from your mornings' activities. You take all of your necessary breaks to eat while other people take their smoke breaks again feeling the same small sense of accomplishment that you are not one of those people smoking cigarettes. Because of this you are more productive and not as tired at the end of your day as most of the people are normally.

It is now the end of your day and you are ready to go to the gym or to your trainer or some alternate form of exercise. After the training has been accomplished you can relax and eat a good, healthy dinner. If it need be, you can always go back to work for a few hours but remembering what you learned about getting enough sleep is part of the equation to living a more productive, healthy lifestyle.

This day sounds a lot better than the day you had before. These small changes in your day can make a dramatic difference in your performance during the day and the amount of work you get done will be either the same if not more…The beauty of it is that you will now have the time to relax and do other things as well as giving you the time to do the little extras it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. This is what will put you in a better mental state of mind, which I like to call a "groove" of positive thinking. This will allow you to focus on more important things. It can also bring out your creative side and help you think of different ideas on how to solve problems in life. Since you feel better you will automatically be more confident about yourself and it will show impressively.

Well, I am not here to tell you how to manage your time. I am here to give you some different ideas on how to become more productive once you have chosen to live a healthy lifestyle.

Some of those ideas include not cutting out sleep for anything. Sleep rests not only the body but also the mind, gives you a chance to reflect on the past as well as dwell on the future. A good nights sleep will prove to play a major role in being more productive.

The second idea that comes to mind is that eating should not be cut out for any reason. Food is fuel for the body and affects the minds performance in the same manner as it affects the body. Lack of food or the wrong types of food will make the body function at a lower level of performance than if you were to eat properly.

The last idea is not to compromise your exercise time for any reason. Exercise is already proven itself time and time again to help people to become not only healthy, but also successful in accomplishing their own goals. Exercising will also make you look and feel better too.

These are fairly simple things to do and require little time change to your overall day but do require a lifestyle change. Remember that you are not alone in this and through these articles I can be there every step of the way with you. I think it is time we took that first step toward fitness and living a healthy lifestyle together.

Duane Levandowski

About the Author:

I am a Ft. Lauderdale based personal fitness trainer and can be contacted through my e- mail address www. for any further information.


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