Protein Bars & Fat Free Pizza
by Brian David Beau

Fat Free Pizza

1-6" Whole Wheat Pita Pocket for the Pizza shell
Spread some fat free pizza sauce on the Pita Pocket
Sprinkle with some Pizza Spice Mix
Top with Kraft Fat Free Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese
You can also top with Sausage or Soy Pepperoni (usually in the packaged salad area)
Cook at 450 degrees for 8 - 10 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Their is also a cheese made from Tofu that melts very good, but it does have fat in it, but the fat is better than the fat in regular cheese.

Protein Bars

1.5 cups of Natural Peanut butter
2.5 cups of your favorite Protein Powder( I use American Whey Vanilla or Tropical Banana )
1.75 cups of Honey
3 cups of uncooked oats (instant or Old Fashioned) (Old Fashioned Oats last longer in your system to keep you feeling satisfied)

Combine the Peanut butter and Honey in a big saucepan on low heat or microwave for 70 seconds on high
Stir in the Protein Powder
Stir in the Oats and mix well
Pour into a 9X13 Cake Pan and cut into 16 bars
Wrap them in Saran Wrap and refrigerate them to keep them longer.

Hint: I found that keeping the Peanut butter and Honey on very low heat during the entire mixing process works much nice than just 70 seconds in the Microwave.


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