Shoulder Workout
By Nick Contrevo

My Shoulder work out consists of usually 3-4 exercises with 12 to 15 reps, and almost of the time I stay away from shoulder presses. Although I do not rule them out completely my trainer feels that they do more bad then good in terms of injury's, and I must agree pressing movements are not natural for the shoulders and often if not done properly can result in career ending injury's. So to keep the risk of shoulder injury's at a minimum, I only incorporate presses every couple of workouts, but when I do I go as heavy as possible for 6-10 reps. I will outline it below but remember I don't do them every time I train shoulders. Usually I stick with Laterals as my mainstay, and rear delts. Lets face it there are only so many exercises to use when hitting the shoulders directly, unlike say back or chest. I always try to end my shoulder work out with an exercise for my traps, and since my traps and shoulders grow the quickest on my body I tend to not do to much and be in and out of the gym that day in about 45mins to a hour. Below I have outlined a typical shoulder workout for me.

Shoulder Presses (if included in workout)
135 x 15-20
185 x 12
205 x 10
225 x 8-10
245 x 6-8

Dumbbell Lateral's
20 x 15-20
30 x 12-15
30 x 12
35 x 8-10

Rear Delt machine
90 x 15-20
110 x 15
120 x 15
120 x 10-12

Cables Laterals

60 x 15
60 x 15
70 x 12


Dumbbell Shrugs

70 x 30
100 x 20
120 x 15
140 x 12-15

Standing machine shrugs

270 x 15
270 x 15
270 x 15


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