Six Packs - One Man’s Quest
By: Jeff Hartford

Want a six-pack? What guy out there, or girl for that matter, can say no to this question? The real question is “How bad do you want it?” How hard are you willing to work for it?

Well the truth is unless you were blessed with phenomenal genetics, which most of us were not; you are going to have to work at it…and hard! Between proper nutrition, weight training and YES, CARDIO it will take effort to get where you want to go. The good news is it CAN happen.

I for one never thought I would get there and it was that negative attitude that prevented it. As soon as I changed my mindset and made it happen, it did just that.

Where to begin-
This will vary from person to person. The first step is to get a proper nutrition plan set up. You can do this by finding a qualified personal trainer, a nutritionist/ registered dietician or research and reading on your own. Once you have that set you are well on your way, now just hold yourself accountable to following it. Remember, you get out of it what you put into it.

The beauty of this is that you do not have to work too hard at this. You will first need to determine your target heart rate. Do this by following the Karvonen formula; which is as follows:
220 minus your age, minus your resting heart rate, times exercise intensity (40% if you are sedentary, 60% if you are active and 80% if you are extremely active), minus your resting heart rate. The number you get from this formula is your Target Heart Rate, now to create a range add and subtract 5 from the THR and you now know the range at which you should perform your cardio. You will find that you will not have to work too hard in fact you should be able to carry on a conversation when maintaining your THR.

Now the question is how long? On training days start out with 20 min at your THR followed by your weight training and finish the workout with another 10 min at your THR. On non-training days work your way up to 1hr at your THR, start with what you can and work your way up. Be sure to check your resting heart rate at least monthly and make the appropriate change to your THR when necessary.

Lastly specific exercises for your ABS. The best advice I can give here is to seek out a trainer at your local gym. There are so many exercises out there, but more importantly so many people out there with low back issues I do not feel comfortable setting you up for failure.

Now go out there and get it done. Thanks for taking the time out to read this article, now it is time for you to put it to the test. Good Luck!


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