To Supplement or Not to Supplement
By: Jeff Hartford

One of the biggest questions in fitness today is, “do I need to take supplements?” and “what supplements do I need?” If you find yourself asking these questions there are a few questions you need to ask yourself first.

What are my goals? Am I following the proper nutrition program to get me to my goals?

Depending on your answers to those questions there are going to be one or two staples that I will suggest. Regardless of your goal if you are following a nutrition program I suggest getting a multi-vitamin. It is very simple why you want this, if you are looking to lose weight you need a nutrition plan with a caloric deficit in which case you are losing many minerals, nutrients and vitamins that you may otherwise get from food. If you are looking to gain lean body mass you will be working so hard in the gym breaking your body down to build it back up and your body will need the nutrients to stay strong and healthy.

The other supplement I would suggest is Branched Chain Amino Acids. I would say if you are working out consistently or are getting back into it you are someone who should look into BCAA’s. These are the building blocks of proteins and there main purpose when used in supplementing is to increase rate of recovery. This is extremely beneficial no matter where you fit on the scale. If you are new to weight training you will be able to push without being too sore to workout the next day. If you are someone who works out on a regular basis you will benefit greatly with BCAA’s they will allow you to push a little harder than usual while quickly recovering and being able to push that hard each workout.

There are certainly more supplements that are very helpful in achieving your goals but they will vary from person to person. I would strongly suggest getting your supplements at They will also be able to help you get a nutrition program going and determine what other supplements will benefit you. On their site you will be able to find a local gym that supports the program or work with someone through the Internet with their new web based program. I am no longer affiliated with Apex but I plan on getting back with them soon and I currently use their supplements myself.


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