Preparing for a Show
by Rico Cherry

Question to Rico:

What do you think about VPX, etc? I am trying to win this show and I need some advice on what to do?

Rico responds:

I personally think those products are a waste of money. Get some 1-AD and (timed released DHEA) with
the Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey protein and a meal replacement drink like MetRX or Myoplex. These were the only supplements I used during my competition years. It is good to try other new supplements and see what you think about them if you can afford it.

Keep your workout routines basic with the fundamental movements like squats, shoulder presses, bench presses and bent over rows. Make sure you are not over training-training too much to often. Once you feel a good pump stop and don't go over that pump which could lead to over training. Listen to your body! When it has had enough stop.

You also have to mentally think of how you want your body to look. Get plenty of rest-you grow when you sleep! And you need a partner to push you past your limits. Anthony was always there to give me forced reps, negatives, motivation and for my safety.

Work your weaknesses first in you routine. If you need more hamstrings over quads, work them first-DONT FORGET THE CALVES! The same goes for incline work for the upper chest versus the flat bench. Most guys have the lower part of the chest but concentrate on the chest/shoulder tie-in. This will give you more depth to the side chest. Look at the guys in the magazines doing the shows and critique yourself from the champions. Of course you don't use steroids, but think of yourself as a smaller version of what they look like and you will work out your weaknesses. This also keeps you motivated and focused on your goals and progress.

Rico Cherry
1997 AAU Mr VA Overall Champion
1998 AAU Mr JR America Class Winner
2000 AAU Mr America 3rd Place


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