by Steven DaSilva

This routine works for me...It probably borders on over training but I train to relieve stress and feel good. The muscle building part is secondary to how working out makes me feel mentally.

I work out 6 days a week with taking Fridays off. Here's my work out plan

Monday - Back and Biceps - Back exercises first as its a larger muscle

Typical BACK workout
1. Weighted wide pull-ups 4 sets of 6 -8
2. Close grip pull downs 4 sets of 6 - 8
3. 1 arm heavy dumbbell rows 3 sets of 8
4. 1 arm Seated rows 3 sets of 8
5. Smith machine bent over rows 3 sets of 6 -8
6. 1 set of 20 dead lifts to finish it off

Tuesday - Shoulders and abs
Typical shoulder workout
1. Smith machine heavy weight military presses - 4 sets of 6 -8
2. Smith machine behind the neck presses - 3 sets of 6 - 8
3. Smith machine heavy upright rows - 3 sets of 6
4. Seated dumbbell presses (heavy) 4 sets of 6 - 8
5. Seated lateral raises - 4 sets
6. Seated front raises 4 sets
7. Go for the burn - standing cable lateral raises (for those striations)

Wednesday - CHEST AND TRI's and ABS

Typical Chest Routine
1. Flat Barbell bench press - Heavy 4 sets of - 6 - 8, 1 last set do your
max once.
2. Smith machine incline presses - Heavy 5 sets of 6 - 8
3. Flat dumbbell press - Heavy (120 lbs) - 3 sets
4. Flat dumbbell flies
5 Cable cross overs
6 go for the burn - dips.... 3 sets

Thursday - Biceps and Back
Do biceps first then light back work out

Friday - REST DAY

Saturday - LEGS and EGGS (Good 21/2 hr leg session)

1. Breathing squats are a must....

SUNDAY - TRI's and Chest
Do Tri's first (heavy) then light chest day


I eat 5 small (most of the time) meals a day. I have a nice breakfast.

Usually 6 boiled egg whites, Bowl of mueslix cereal, one banana or fruit,
and cup of yogurt...

10:00 AM
Protein shake or chicken breast.

12:00 PM
Usually have 2 sandwiches (Ham & cheese, turkey breast, etc, on 12 grain

3:00 PM
Protein shake or chicken breast

4:30 PM - Yogurt or some simple carbohydrate (one roasted YAM)

5:30 PM - work out

7:30 PM - Dinner (meat, salad, and veggies)


Creatine, ThermoGen fat burner, Policosonal, fish oil capsules, Yohimbe, Saw
palmetto, Have occasionally done ANDRO ...


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