Dan Decker

age: 27, height: 5'11, weight: 200
neck: 16, chest: 46, arms: 18.5
waist: 32.5, quads: 25.5
calves: 17.5

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I am a 27 year old fitness model/natural bodybuilder from Northern Indiana near the home of the Fighting Irish. In the 10th grade I began lifting weights. Training for football, I noticed that I had great genetics for bodybuilding, taking to it like a fish in water. I took one year off from football just to train for gaining size. By the end of my Senior year, I weighed about 185 lbs and was very lean. That is when I decided to compete in my first show the '93 NPC South Bend, IN. I took 4th place in the teenage class. 

After the show I joined the Naval Reserves. I was out of the lifting game for about 3 months while I was in boot camp. That was a very depressing time for me. As soon as I got out of boot camp I started training hard again while going to my "A" School In Gulfport, Miss. 

When I was done with school I started training for the '94 Event II in Evansville, IN. I took 2nd place in the teenage class and took 1st place in the men's middle weight novice class. I decided to stop competing until I put on more size. 
It's been 6 years since I competed in that Evansville show. I'm about 20 lbs heavier now. Soon I will be on my way to compete once again and try to win my WNBF Pro Natural card. 

I'm currently pursuing the modeling business. I have been featured in the centerfold of the July, 2000 issue of "Men's Exercise", one photo in "Exercise For Men Only" in July, 2000, and currently have one Air Force work out program coming out in "Exercise for Men" in the December issue. Thanks to Richard Morris at Scorpion Photo. He has really been helping me get my face out there.

John Mitchell is a great photographer. I would recommend him to anyone that is pursuing modeling or needs high quality PICS.

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Dan's Site: BodybyDecker.Com
Email Dan: bodybydecker@aol.com 
Dan's Photographer: BBpics.Com

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