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Clinton Wood

age 26 height 5 9 weight 215
neck 17 1/2 chest 44 1/2
arms 18 waist 34
quads 27 calves 18

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I am a 26 years old bodybuilder and design engineer from Portland, Oregon. When I was younger I always idolized the big bodybuilders of the early 90's. Although I played soccer and competed in track, I had more of a slender build. When I was 16 I finally started consistent weight training routine. So addicted to the sport I became, I quit the track team my senior year and joined the after school weightlifting club. By the time I started college at the age of 18, I weighed 185lbs at only 9% body fat.

In college I began to focus less of my attention on power lifting and strength training, and more on the sport of bodybuilding. My primary focus was just on gaining size, which I did quite well. Standing only 5'9", by the age of 25 I weighed 242lbs. Unfortunately, I focused too much on bodyweight and not enough on lean body mass and how I looked. I took a body fat measurement and found myself at 18% body fat. Although, impressively large, I wasn't at all satisfied with how I looked in pictures.

I finally sought the advice of a personal trainer who helped focus me on proper nutrition and the importance of cardio, and taught me to measure my size by my lean body mass, rather than my overall weight. So I took my new direction in the sport, and stuck to a strict diet, weight training, and cardio regimen. So successful was my new routine that I immediately got comments on how good I looked from my friends, family, and complete strangers in the gym. That's when I decided I would look into getting a photo portfolio.

Having ran in to John's site a while ago (BBPics), and being impressed with his work, I decided to give John a call and see what we could arrange. John left a very good impression with me. He was professional, candid, and enthusiastic. We decided to give it a try and scheduled a date for the photo shoot. During that time, I bumped up my training even more. By the date of the photo shoot, I weighed 215lbs at only 8% body fat, the best shape of my life .

I had never done a photo shoot before, but John made me feel very comfortable with it, and even made it fun. Over a two-day period, we did a large variety of shots from casual, athletic, formal, to bodybuilding shots in a variety of locations. I couldn't have been happier with the results of the photoshoot and was very pleased with the photos that were taken. I recommend John to anyone who has ever thought about doing some modeling/fitness shots for personal or business reasons, but has found it difficult to find the courage to do so.

While my focus has always been the sport of bodybuilding, and trying to add as much muscle mass as possible, I am still fitness oriented and very much into looking good. Having been much larger, I now measure my success by how I look, not how much I weigh. My currently plans are to bulk up over the fall/winter while still staying below 10% body fat, and then leaning out even more for the spring/summer, possibly as low at the 6% body fat range. I plan on conducting another photoshoot next year, and if my friends can talk me into it, competing in my first show. If you are interested in contacting me with questions or comments, you may do so by e-mail. Thanks again to John for all the great pics and getting this site up for me.

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