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Corey Matthew

age 30
height 5 9
weight 175

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Personal health and fitness have always been a passion since an early age. Luckily my parents were mentors and motivators leading by example with healthy lifestyles including fitness.

As a transplant from Connecticut, I moved to Southern California eight years ago primarily for the climate and dynamic lifestyle. The warm weather has allowed me to participate in year round fitness while enjoying the great outdoors!

I have always respected the dedication bodybuilders have to personal fitness and the reward of a perfectly sculpted body. When I work out, I try to imagine myself as Michangelo…molding my body into the ideal image that I have in my head. To accomplish my goals I continually focus on different body parts perfecting my workout. My fitness routines have evolved over the years with a degree of consistency while shocking my body at times to achieve growth. I use the seasons as a barometer to increase my workout endurance peaking in the Summer and Fall. In addition, I have recently discovered cardio kickboxing… not only is it a great way to meet women but also has increased my definition significantly.

I find that diet is 75% of the equation and the remaining 25% being achieved by proper nutrition and challenging workouts. I supplement my diet with a good protein powder, creatine, multi-vitamin/mineral, and flax seed oil. I find that the synergy of these supplements allow me to maximize my gains in the gym.

I continually look at my body as a work in progress and challenge myself to be better. I have had the unique opportunity to work out with several key bodybuilders including Frank Zane (three time Mr. Olympia). The knowledge and perspectives that I was able to gain from very talented individuals has allowed me to accelerate my results and gain a historical perspective on the art of bodybuilding.

A friend introduced me to John. He came highly recommended and definitely did not disappoint. John was great to work with… not only does he captures the essence of who you are but provides this image to the world in a very unique way. He is a true professional and extremely talented in his work. I definitely look forward to working with John in the future on more location shoots!

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