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Dennis Adams

Age 31
Height 5 10
Weight 170#

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I've been interested in health and fitness since I was 18. I played around in the gym for a few years until I joined the crew team at UF where I was introduced to true training. Our training sessions made even the mighty Gator football team look at us with sympathy! That was where I learned three things: the burn is your friend, intensity creates results, and form is everything. Although rowing got me into incredible shape (not to mention a body fat level of 4.3%), I grew tired of being skinny. So after college, I started working in a gym and became certified as a personal trainer. I realized that training was not my ideal career, so I now work with HR Information Systems. It is less than exciting, but it pays the bills. In the last few years, I managed to go from my average "cardio" weight of 140lbs to a more aesthetically pleasing 173lbs. It was hard work and I wanted it documented, that's where John Mitchell came in. He offered to take the pictures, and even hinted that other might be interested. I figured, why not !?! Being featured in a fitness magazine would definitely be a lifetime achievement, so we'll see. Although I did not feel ready for this photo shoot, I think John created some great images!

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