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Birthdate: October, 1973
Height: 6, Weight: 167

Frank Polczynski, originally from the Midwest, now resides in San Diego where he owns his own landscaping company. Daily on the job workouts and visits to the gym keep Franks' body naturally toned and his muscle structure defined. His love for being outdoors gives this Midwestern boy a year round Southern California tan.

Frank enjoys being in front of the camera. Starring in commercials, movies and print photos have recently become a hobby for Frank, who would love to make a career of it. You may have seen him in the Emmy award winning "Think Blue" commercial or commercials for Toyota and Qualcomm. Frank has also been featured in two independent films, Los Patriots and Family Affair. He has photographed with Fitness photographers from around the country and particularly enjoys working with John Mitchell when he is in town.

In his spare time, Frank is a true craftsman. His most recent accomplishment is building a 720 sq. ft. garage where he will spend his time wood working and tooling with cars. After creating a world-class landscape in his own yard, plans for a home renovation are in the works.

It was a pleasure to work with John. John's professionalism coupled with his high quality photos created a super set of photographs that possess the quality to stand tall in the current market. I look forward to working with him on our next project in the near future.

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