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Birthdate: January, 1963
Height 6' 0"
Weight: 180
Chest: 45 Arms: 17 Waist: 30

Ron is a native Angelino who can't stand cold weather and prefers wearing as little as possible. As such, this requires that he keep his body in optimal condition, since it is exposed so much; all of which is consistent with a life style in the sun. The balance between the gym and fun is important. "How big do I really need to be?" Twenty years ago when he first started training he weighed 130 lb. He peaked at 203 and decided it was a bit much, and has settled between 175 and 180lbs, finding this range the easiest to maintain and still lead an active and fun life style which includes blading, biking, hiking, camping, and clubbing.

Living in Hollywood Ron has tried the acting thing, but has made his living in health care, including fitness training. Ron prefers to show individuals how to optimize their potential by life style adjustments, rather than "yo-yo" fad regimens that foster a dependence on a personal trainer. Moderation in all things is Ron's motto.

Ron has modeled for photographers and artists over the years on a limited basis, and is impressed with John's ability to capture the physique of a middle aged guy in the best possible lighting, while showing the fun-loving lifestyle and spirit to which Ron aspires.

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