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age 32
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waist 33


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Born in the Midwest but educated in the prep schools of the Northeast, this model started to play competitive sports at an early age. Excelling in Baseball, lacrosse and tennis, it wasn't until after college that he picked up weight training.

"If I had done weight training in college, man my tennis would have been so much better. I enjoy the increased strength and flexibility lifting gives me. I now can serve a ball with increased speed, knock off sharp volley's, and hit with the best. I do train with some ATP pro's here in Florida, so it's a good judge."

Besides sports, Lance loves his line of professional work. As a 'weather junkie' in school he recalls fighting his roommates as he watched the Weather Channel over what they watched in MTV. Now he is a Broadcast meteorologist. Having worked in the snowball of the Great Lakes and now in the Deep South. He also just completed a docudrama film on a hurricane that killed thousands of immigrant farmer workers in south Florida about 75 years ago (   He also has taught high school science and coached both baseball and tennis at the high school level.

As for the modeling world, he has done some print, fashion, and recently has added some fitness work. The most recent project for him was his appearance in Dennis Dean's "Within Reach", a Coffee Table book portraying the game of Polo and the athletic male in action. He recently has done the 'catwalk' in Miami as a fashion model as well. "All in all I enjoy being a model. For one I like being upfront. And showing your physical side to others is about as up front as one can get".

Body language is something Lance enjoys about watching people. The rhythm of the body, the sharp or slow movements all can tell you about someone. It's really wild how I can pick up on someone's emotion and all just by watching.

As for watching the sky, Lance would love to reach a top 20 markets in television weather. "Although I have to admit, location and the people I work with are more important that just working at a large tv station."

Lance is single and free to mingle. He loves most sports, outdoors and travel, food and small breweries, and is a die-hard Pittsburgh sports fan. "Go black and Gold!"

"Some thoughts on the shoot. Let me say upfront that I was very much satisfied. It can be a bit awkward visiting an unknown face for a shoot in a distant location. I had the benefit of knowing the area somewhat ahead of time. You did manage to take out the anxiety of the unknown face. You're a fun and easy person to get to know. And that helps!!

"As for the professional side of the shoot, I though you were well planed and prepared. The outdoor segment was great. The locations and selection of clothes and props were very solid. I thought the use of time was good. In the event of bad weather, I would have enjoyed seeing your backup plan...Now I wait for the end result. Ha ha better be good stuff. But in honesty you are a fine photographer and very easy to get along with on a shoot. So good news for sure!!!!

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