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Birthdate: April, 1959
Height: 5' 9", Weight: 164lbs, Chest 44"

I was born in Brazil, and have been living in the USA for sometime. Back in my homeland, I was a Contemporary, Modern and Jazz dancer since my teenager years and only "retiring" when I moved to the U.S.A.

I enjoy diversity and I feel good learning new skills and experiencing other cultures. It's a great feeling knowing that all the days I was practicing and performing I wasn't only living a dream, but also investing in great health and a future good look.

I have many hobbies that keep me busy in my life. When outdoors I like to hike, bike, camp and do fresh water sports.

People find me as an easy going individual who enjoys a good laugh. I really enjoy the simple things, like hanging out with my dog Ceejae and three Brazilian parrots, Alegria, Oliver & Belami.

I can pretty much eat a variety of foods, but I actually do avoid anything labeled low fat, non-fat . I much prefer cooking and baking my own food, rather than processed commercial food. A homemade meal will definitely make me smile... if you are a good cook, of course ;-)

I am a certified fitness trainer, hairstylist, masseur and fashion stylist.

I am able to fluently speak Portuguese, English & Spanish, which enables me to work comfortably in my current city of New York as well as overseas.

I always admire a true professional, no matter what field you are in. It is important to be passionate and to do your job well. My friend and photographer, John Mitchell, who captured some of my best with his lenses and professional knowledge, is a prime example of a true professional.

Available for: Fitness, Physique (Card, Calendar, Book Collections), Print and Commercial/Fine Art assignments.

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