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Neal Rodriguez
2003 Northeast Overall
Champion & NGA Pro

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height: 5' 7"
weight: 194, compete at 175
neck: 17, chest: 46.5, arms: 18
waist: 32, quads: 25, calves: 16.5

I went to Adlia E. Stevenson High School in the Bronx, NY. There I play baseball, football, and soccer. I also took some dance classes and art classes. I don't come from a wealthy family so from high school I join the army. My M.O.S was 13 Bravo field artillery at that time the army had the Howitzer tanks I was the driver and the number one man. I got the specialist medal for the m16 A1 rifle I got a perfect score.

Once out of the army I join a gym and I enjoy it very much. I didn't join the gym to get big it just happened to work out that way, I join the gym because it was the right thing to do. I feel that you as an individual you are responsible for your physical appearance and only you can control the way you look.

My first bodybuilding show was in 1992 ANPPC Empire State 2nd place novice and after that it just took off 1993 ANPPC World Cup IV 2nd middle, 1993 NGA New Jersey 2nd middle, 1994 NGA American Natural 3rd middle, 1995 NGA United State 1st middle, 1996 United State 4th middle, 1997 NGA American Natural 3rd light heavy, 1998 NGA NY Natural 3rd light heavy, 2002 NGA Urban Natural 3rd light hvy, 2002 NGA NY State 1st and best poser, 2002 NGA Olympus 1st and best poser, 2002 NGA North American 2nd and best poser. I've been a natural bodybuilder for 10 years and every show I enter I've always place, I still don't know what is like not to place and I don't want to know. I wonder if that's a record placing for so many years.

My hobbies are dancing and singing, rock climbing, surfing, rollerblading, art drawing, gymnastic, breakdancing, stripping and staying in great shape. A future goal is to win an overall title, do sports commercials and music videos with some TV or movie acting. If Jennifer Lopez can make it and she's from the Bronx so can I with hard work and sacrifice. Turn on: Women staying in shape regardless what age they are. Turn off: eating unhealthy and not take care of your physical appearance. Like I said in this bio you are responsible for your appearance not your training partner or your personal trainer.

Before I get to my work out routine I would like to start of by saying it was a great experience working with John Mitchell. He put together a great modeling team mike and chip from Cleveland and me from Bayonne NJ. We all got along great at the photo shoot with lots of laugh. We made it fun but at the same time we took care of business first, John Mitchell is a very serious photographer. I've done photo shoots before for various magazines and watching John work he knows what he's looking for and what kind of shot he wants. Thanks for everything John looking forward to working with you again.

Work out routine:

Monday: a.m. chest/ p.m. back
Tuesday: a.m. legs/ p.m. biceps
Wednesday: 40 minutes of swimming
Thursday: traps and shoulders
Friday: chest and triceps
Saturday: off
Sunday: off

Diet plan:

Breakfast: six hard boiled eggs with a bowl of oatmeal
in between: protein shake or bar
lunch: 2 cans of tuna in spring water with a yogurt
in between: two pieces of wheat bread with 4 spoons of liquid amino
dinner: two pieces of chicken breast with rice and salad.
Before bed: 12oz glass of designer whey protein
it is important to have water with your meals, you should avoid drinking soda or juice that's high in sugar.

If you would like more information about working out or dieting you can email me at, I would be more than happy to help you.

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