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Nick Owens

age 20
height 5 9
weight 170

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Hey what's up?! My name is Nick and I am a 20-year-old fitness model from Eastern Massachusetts. I've lived in Massachusetts all of my life and I am currently attending college and studying for my degree in Business Administration. I also own a contracting business, which helps me develop my business skills and at the same time keeps me in great shape.

I began lifting weights when I was about 15-years-old mostly for athletics such as football and wrestling. I noticed that I had good genetics and began to develop quickly. I trained hard all through high school but it was tough to put on size because I had to cut weight for wrestling. It wasn't until my freshman year in college when I began to put on some size. The college had dropped there wrestling program so I ended up playing rugby and started as a freshman. I didn't have to worry about losing weight so I pretty much ate as much as I could (healthy foods of course).

I also trained very hard between 5-6 days per week. When I wasn't in school I needed something to keep me content, so I turned to boxing. I found it was a great way to not only stay in shape but relieve stress as well. I really took a liking to it and gained a lot of respect for the sport. At the time, I wanted to train for the Golden Gloves but because of other "opportunities", those plans have changed a little. I currently train 3 days a week and tribute it to my success in keeping my body fat down.

I would have to say my favorite hobby is probably working out. Pretty sad huh?! I guess it's because I love challenges, and with working out, I can challenge myself day in and day out.

When I'm not working out though I enjoy playing sports, hiking, traveling, going to the beach, catching a movie, and usually going into Boston clubbing with my friends. Occasionally when I get the chance I also like to go kayaking and whitewater rafting up North.

The way I look at modeling is that I take care of myself; work out really hard, and follow a strict diet. So, why not make some money and have a little fun in the process. Who knows maybe I will even do some acting in the future.

I'm not any different from anybody else. I just set my goals high and give everything I possibly can to achieve them. I don't want to look back and wonder, "what if?"

I've always had big dreams and I truly believe that if you keep working towards those dreams they will come true. My advice to those who want to pursue their dreams is to just take the first step and do it! Don't wait around for your big break because nothing will ever happen.

I had the pleasure to work with this upcoming 20 year old fitness model from Eastern Massachusetts. Nick is currently attending college and runs a local landscaping business in the Bay State. I want to thank Nick for enduring less than ideal weather/lighting conditions to work with me creating this online portfolio. He braved overcast/gloomy outdoor weather with windchills often approaching 40 degrees to work with me that afternoon. I look forward of working with Nick in the future under sunnier and warmer weather to expand his portfolio. I wish him the best in his bright modeling career.

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