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Originally from Washington DC and Virginia, I now call Houston, Texas home
6'0", 215-220# off-season, 190# contest weight, 48" chest, 31" waist
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Occupation: President of a Design/Build corporation and a residential broker.
Education: BS in Biochemistry (Univ of Denver), DDS (Medical College of Virginia), Graduate Business (Univ of Houston), architecture and construction studies at Houston CC and Rice University


As a member of a weightlifting and powerlifting family (four sons), I trained casually for over 15 years. Then four years ago, I decided to set some goals. Through the expertise of Fitness Concepts in Venice Beach, CA, Sports medicine doctors, and Johnny West (nutritionist/trainer at Houston Gym), I managed to pack on 30 pounds of lean muscle mass. I competed in my first bodybuilding contest in November 1997 after 28 months of training, and took home a first place trophy. Shows I have competed in include:

* Lackland Classic, 1st
* John Sherman Contest
* Powershack Classic
* South Texas Championships, 2nd
* Texas State Bodybuilding Championships, 4th

Have since become involved in National Physique Committee (NPC) judging and look for a permanent appointment in the near future. One of the great joys of the sport, in addition to feeling better about myself, has been to share techniques and actually help produce other younger enthusiasts.


My most important philosophy is consistency! We all need to set goals and develop a program of exercise and nutrition that we can all live with for the long-term. I think proper technique in the gym is essential for proper growth and injury avoidance. I feel that mixing up the program keeps the body antagonist muscle groups one week, single body parts the next, and supersets or forced drop sets the following. Adding cardio training to the program, improves the strength in the gym and helps control body fat. I usually train 5 days in gym and do three cardio sessions weekly.

Bodybuilding tends to promote an extreme, almost faddish, series of eating and training regimens and is not for everyone. It is the genetically gifted few who will do very well in the sport, but many of the diet techniques work for all of us. Nutrition seems to make up close to 70% of the formula. The good news is that we can add lean muscle mass much later in life than we ever realized, and hopefully extend health and well-being through our retirement years.


I love sports but find it hard to make time for them. Was a professional skier in the 1970's and competed in tennis and swimming in high school and college. Picked up figure skating when I moved to Houston since I could not find a hill to ski down! Photography interests parleyed into modeling career, doing mostly industrial or fitness ads, back during graduate school. One of my great loves is the automobile... studied cars since my first subscription to Car Life as a child. Want to expand hobbies to include improving my French, learning more about specialty cooking, and add another sport (perhaps volleyball).

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