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Competitive Level Bodybuilder
Personal Trainer

5'10 265 lbs.
Neck 20; Chest 54;
Biceps (flexed) 22, Cold 21;
Forearms 16; Waist 36;
Quads 29; Calves 18

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I have been doing serious competitive level bodybuilding for the past 5 years. I was a championship wrestler in high school and lifted weights for football and wrestling. I was amazed how my body responded to the weight training and how quickly I was able to add mass and strength to my physique.

During the years I have competed and won numerous state, New England and northeastern contests. I met John at the recent Northeastern Championships this past April. He was busy working with various contestants. A shot of me at contest weight of 202 and 2% body fat can be found at: gallery 8, picture 11. Unfortunately, he was so busy trying to photograph as many contestants as possible that day that we did not get another opportunity to work together before I went on stage to compete.

I wanted to have some off season fitness/bodybuilding type shots done before preparing myself for my next contest next year. I have seen some of John's work from the contest on the internet and wanted him to do these off season shots with me. Take a look at the results by clicking on my photo portfolio link below. Let me know what you think of the shots.

Here is a brief outline of my workout schedule. I train 3 days per week with extreme intensity and weight.

On Day 1 I train chest, biceps and triceps. For biceps I do 2 sets using the straight bar and preacher bar. For triceps I train them by doing french press and cable pushdowns. For chest I do inclines, flats and dumbbell flys. On Day 2 I train legs which consists of doing squats, leg presses, stiff legged deadlifts and standing or seated calf raises (10 to 15 reps) . Back and shoulders I train on Day 3. For back I do chin-ups (10 reps), straight bar rows (6 to 8 reps) and one arm rows (6 to 8 reps). For shoulders I do dumbbell presses (6 to 8 reps), straight bar shrugs (6 to 8 reps) and side laterals (6 to 8 reps) . On each day I do 2 warmup sets and at least two working sets of 6 to 8 reps.

For those individuals who may want to know how heavy I lift, here are the numbers:
flat bench 400#s for 6 reps, incline bench 315#s for 8 reps, straight bar biceps curls 225# for 8 reps, dumbbell curls 85#s for 8 reps and squat 500#s for 8 reps.

I eat 7 meals a day. My various meals consist of cereal, turkey sandwiches/yogurt/protein shake, 8 to 10 oz ground beef, 2 baked or sweet potatoes another protein drink, peanut butter/jelly sandwich, hungry man frozen dinners w/another protein drink, 8 eggs (4 yolks) with cheese and instant cup of noodles. In addition I take variety of supplements. If you want to know more please email me.

My other interests besides bodybuilding include following the New England Patriots, the Boston Red Sox, fine dining, action movies, relaxing at home and of course GROWING EVEN BIGGER !

If you have any questions about my workout regiment, diet or just want to say hello, please email me.

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