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Brooks Johnson

Age 23
6' 1'' 202#
44 chest, 17 .5 arms
33 waist

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Hello!! I am a senior in Business Administration at Miss. State University. However, I am born and raised from St. Louis, MO. My dad's side of the family is from the Mississippi delta, where the land is rich with cotton farms. My father actually picked cotton as a kid and always told himself that he would go to college and be the first in his family to get an education.

After he chose MSU, his two brothers and two sisters decided to follow in his steps. I strongly believe that is one of the most important decisions in life is to continue a college education after high school. That is why I am still plugging away at college even though I am already 23 years old. It is truly one of the greatest times in my life growing up.

Though getting my education is one of my top priorities, I have personal hobbies and interests like everyone else. This is the reason I am featured on this website because I am pursuing a part-time career in modeling. I consider myself rich in knowledge about health, exercise, and nutrition as I have been fitness-minded for the last 5 years. I have worked as a fitness instructor for two and a half years at my on-campus recreational facility. Just recently I have also received training in regards to massage therapy as that is another strong interest of mine. I believe in massage as a very beneficial way for the body to heal and repair itself from intense exercise, not to mention some "personal time" away from the daily stress of living in today's society.

To have worked with John Mitchell from BBPICS.COM was truly a beneficial experience. I believe that everyone has a strong interest in a talent they feel they are good at, and John definitely has a passion for photography. Though John specializes in the photography of bodybuilders and the way they pose to accentuate their physiques, he does very well to capture the right background and scenery to create an appropriate image. I must also say that John's best work has been done outside in natural settings which enables him to use outdoor lighting to his advantage. John has had the experience of working with clients in the dead cold of winter and snow up in the Northeast to the ocean side and beaches of Florida. He can even do his marvelous photography of clients indoors at workout facilities and gyms. John made working with him for BBPICS.COM pleasant and enjoyable. He has a gift of working with people and helping them to feel at ease by not making his models do anything uncomfortable during their shoots. What I also admired was how easy going John was about letting me move and work at my own pace. It was common for John to patiently wait for me to finish folding my clothes every time I changed outfits. He knew that I liked to keep my clothes organized and he respected that by not rushing me along when the day started to wind down. I am grateful for John and his work and recommend him to anyone who wishes to have their image captured on photographs.

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