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born September, 1982
height 5' 8 1/2", weight 170

One could say that everything in your life happens for a reason. My recent trip to Connecticut to meet with John, I believe is an example of this. Whether being just a learning experience on the long path of life or something that will lead to more opportunities in the future.

My name is Anthony Martin and I'm a 20 year old student in my third year at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in New York. From my experiences here I have grown personally and intellectually far beyond my greatest expectations. I'm very involved on campus being a member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, Management Information Systems Student Team, and also participate in numerous intramural sports. However, even with all these activities and a part time job I still find time to have a good time. Whether just hanging out with friends or hitting up the city I believe that life is too short to not make the best of it.

I have always thought of myself as being competitive, hard working, and goal oriented. When I set my mind to do something I do whatever it takes to accomplish the task even if it involves staying up all night studying when others call it quits, or pushing out the extra few reps before calling it a day. Working out has always been a hobby of mine however the reasons for doing so have changed over the years. I first started working out in the beginning of my teenage years because I was small for my age and to get an extra advantage in sports, however now the main reason is to relieve stress and stay in shape.

Everything began with John contacting my roommate about doing a photo shoot after seeing some pictures of him on the internet. Since my roommate was interested in doing the shoot but was also a little nervous he "cleverly" sent some pictures of me to John who then became very interested in doing a joint shoot of the two us. From the moment we arrived John was very nice and professional and eliminated the remaining doubts we had in our minds. I'm very impressed with the amount of time and effort John put into the initial shoot and continues to show us, and I cannot thank him enough. Hopefully some hard work on both our parts will lead to some opportunities in the future, but if not it was an experience I will not forget!

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