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Birthdate: February, 1977
Height: 6 1
Weight: 190 to 195


Ben Dunnet
Personal Trainer/ Community Leader/ Fitness Model/ Athlete

Grew up playing competitive baseball and basketball from an early age. After high school, during the university years, weight training became of interest. During the past couple of years, Ben has made it a personal goal to learn more on topics such as nutrition and developing the body. He has
been working as a personal trainer, both freelance and for the YMCA and has co-developed a program aimed at our younger generation which looks at educating them on functional, fun exercise, better eating, as well as stressing the importance of becoming more active at an early age. This past year he has also appeared in two movie productions shot on the eastern

Ben feels fortunate to have a very special family, who has been supportive and guiding, and is grateful to those who have been encouraging and helpful to him.


Ben looks at his workouts as the high point of the day. Two muscle groups are generally worked, and can consist of supersets or not. Either way it is important to keep the heart rate appropriate. Compound sets are performed first, followed by the isolation moves. Occasionally calisthenics are
performed which mite consist of sprints and pushups or something of that sort. Four to five weight workouts are performed each week. The choice of cardiovascular exercise is "noon hoops" which are played at the University for an Hour and a half at a time at least three times a week. Abs are
exercised every other day.


A typical day of eating would consist of four to five meals.
A hypothetical day is as follows.

1) egg oat cake (made with egg whites, large flake oats, vanilla extract,
cinnamon, no sugar syrup)
2) shake with crystal lite
3) brown rice lean steak and broccoli
4) shake with a garden salad or piece of fruit
5) brown rice chicken and spinach

By the end of the each day, one gallon of water has been consumed Occasional ice cream, rice dream (a non dairy frozen treat) is enjoyed.

From time to time there is room for a bud light or a nice glass of red wine
as well.

Personal Pleasures

In the warmer months Ben plays gentlemen's softball and enjoys a day at the beach. Mountain biking, and learning to surf also constitutes some time. He also tries to make it a point to take in a red sox game each year. For relaxation, Ben enjoys listening to old school guitar JJ
Cale, Buddy Guy, and Eric Clapton. Hanging with friends is also an enjoyable past time, or even just watching movies.


Ben would like to give a shout out to Adrian Veinot, the areas premiere master trainer. Adrian offered me quality time and was an inspiration in the posing, dieting, and preparation department. AV went out of his way to make sure I was going to Connecticut with confidence. He succeeded in that task. I'd like to give him sincere thanks for that, as well as presenting me the opportunity to work with John. I look forward to learning more from "the animal" in the future. Ben is also grateful to Katie Power...a sweet person and a natural ray of light, who has no limits.

I would like to give a special thank you to Mr. John Mitchell, a passionate, professional, enthusiastic photographer. John was certain to maintain my comfort level during my time with him, and remained patient thru wardrobe change. I honestly can say that we made the most of our mid December shoot together, and he was such an easy guy to collaborate and express with. During our two days of shooting he enabled me to be expressive thru both physique and fashion. I was very pleased that he kept me well fed during my visit, and was a very good host all the way around. He even laughed it off when he woke up Monday morning to find I had eaten his lunch for that day. He simply new that I had to feed the "twin towers" due to there hard work the past weekend!

I look forward to another shoot with John in the summer months, at which time I will be "better not bigger plus more tanned." Thanks John, you are a great photographer and a class act.

On location of Big Paul Desimone's Gym Warriors facility, Ben felt in his element. The unique Bean town gym had earlier pictures of the Austrian Oak and was also reminiscing of the year (2002) Ben had spent in Boston. Glad to make a class contact like Paul. Thanks for the use of your spot...and thanks John for letting me express, through fashion and physique.

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