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Birthdate: November, 1981
Height: 5 10 Weight: 165

My name is Joel Burton. I am from Moberly, MO. I am the youngest of 3 siblings. Growing up I played football, soccer, baseball, basketball and track.

When I got to high school I only played football, basketball, and track. I was the captain of all these teams during my senior year of high school. When graduating high school I wanted to continue a sport in college. It was hard to choose one because I loved all three sports.

I chose to play football at Avila University in Kansas City, MO. I chose Avila because it was a small university in a large city. I have family in Kansas City and Avila was just starting a football program. I thought being a part of a beginning program would be exciting. I played running back at Avila for 2 years. I weighed 170#s when I began college football and ended up at 195#s at my heaviest. Currently, I have slimmed down to 165#s.

While playing college football my workout regiment was very strict. We had 5 AM workouts five days a week. I was building mass and size. I was performing explosive lifts and plyometrics.

Playing college football had its ups and downs. It was very stressful during those 2 years juggling football, the coaches and my academic studies. I ended up quitting football and transferring to the University of Missouri at Kansas City. I finished my bachelor's degree in Economics and UMKC. I graduated in December of 2004.

Since graduating college I have been a full-time bartender. I always wanted to bartend to know how to make drinks and learn the restaurant and bar industry.

I am now in the process of going on interviews to pursue a job in outside sales.

After I stopped playing football I decided to slim down. I did not want all of the size anymore. I still wanted some size, but, mostly I wanted to get ripped.

My current workouts include everything. I do cardio everyday. I rotate body parts on different days. I usually take two days off per week.


Nightlife, BBQ's, pool in the summer, playing with my dog Sammy (boxer), XBOX, working out, movies, spending time with me girlfriend Tracy, college basketball/football, Pro football/basketball, "Go Chiefs!"

Hey, Kansas City, remember me on "Elimidate?" I went on a date with 4 girls in Kansas City. I had to cut them one by one. Drinks, 4 girls, party buses, yeah, it was a lot of fun.

Mr. John Mitchell was a great host as he housed me for a weekend in December for the photoshoot. He was very easy to work for and a fun, respectable person.

We did shots outside and inside around a fashion, fitness-physique theme. The outside shots were a bit cold, but we managed and he was very attentive to our concerns while we were working outdoors. The indoor shots also went well as we did a workout before and after each shoot. I hope to work with Mr. Mitchell again in CT during a summer weekend and I can highly recommend him to any aspiring fitness individual wanting to work with a professional photographer doing a professional photoshoot. I consider him my photographer, but, also a new friend. Thanks John.

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