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Birthdate: August, 1985
Height: 5 9 1/2   Weight: 165-170

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Hi, my name is Andy Brown I am currently located in Tucson Arizona where I was born and raised. I am 5' 9.5 and roughly 170 lbs (depending on the time of the year). Back in 2000 I attended Canyon Del Oro H.S., and then transferred to Ironwood Ridge H.S. in 2001 to finish out my high school career. At Ironwood I was involved in many extracurricular activities including football, wrestling, and track. I no longer participate in any of these sports but as a result of training during high school, fitness has become a way of life for me. I have been able to turn my attention to overall fitness and strength training, turning the weight room into my playing field so to speak. I am now attending Pima Community College and plan to transfer to the University of Arizona to obtain my business degree. My career goals are become a fire fighter and a successful business man.

My workout regiment is five days a week (mon-fri) starting with chest on Monday, back on Tuesday, arms on Wednesday, shoulders on Thursday, and legs on Friday. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I do anywhere from 15-30min of cardio. My cardio usually consists of the stair master, treadmill, or both. my philosophy on both is "you gotta turn it up to burn it up!!" I have always thought that cardio should be hard, and intense. No need for more that 30 minutes though. Workouts consists of 4-5exercises per body part, four sets, with anywhere from 5-10 reps. my favorite workouts are back and arm day. Generally my diet is the "see it" diet.....I see it, I eat it! But if I am going to the beach, or getting ready for a shoot I keep it simple. I eat lean foods all day and no carbs after dinner, I never cut carbs out altogether. There are occasions where I like to "splurge" on food; my favorite is definitely in an out Burger. I usually order two double-doubles and a chocolate shake, YESSS!!!!

My favorite past times are working out, playing football, listening to music, and playing video games. My favorites are as follows:

Music: Punk, rap
Band: Boys like girls
Movies: blade trinity, van wilder, hitch, super troopers, and of course 300
T.V- nip tuck, ESPN, comedy central

My experience with John the weekend of October 5th is one I will not soon forget. Going into the photo shoot I was excited and nervous all at once. I was excited because I was going to a part of the country that I had never been to (which was beautiful by the way) and for the opportunity to work with BBpics John Mitchell. On the other hand I was very nervous as this was my first photo shoot……ever.

The photo shoot took place at a location roughly 30 min away from John's home in Hartford, the scenery was like that out of a movie, giant trees with bright orange and yellow fall colors, waterfalls, and of course a smooth sandy beach by the lake. Our photo shoot took place from 10am until six o’clock in the evening. This seemed like a long time at first but it went by quick. John made this enjoyable and fun by keeping me focused at the task at hand and by teaching me all the basics (posing, body position, facial expressions, and most importantly ATTITUDE).

John kept my confidence up by ensuring me that was looking like a “fitness model” something I had never really thought myself as. He also coached me on parts of my body that I could fine tune to make myself that much better (this has served as a great motivational tool for the gym). John was a good sport when it came to my mild complaining such as cramps or “damn…..this water is way too cold.” One of the many things I learned that weekend was that posing is not as easy as it looks, especially when you have to do it for several hours. I was definitely sore the next day. On Sunday, the final day of the shoot we returned to many of the same locations, but had a run in with some bad weather. So during the down time John took me on a tour through the University of Connecticut also known as UCONN. This was one of the coolest campus settings I have ever seen.

Over the weekend I stayed at John’s place which was better than staying at a hotel because John took excellent care of me. On Saturday night after the first day of the photo shoot, we went back to his place and had a barbeque. The food was great and there was plenty of it!! We sat out on his patio for a while and enjoyed our food over a long conversation. Overall this was a great experience and I look forward to working with him again and would recommend him to anyone. Thanks for the awesome experience John!!!

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