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Birthdate: June, 1977
Height: 5 11   Weight: 180 to 185
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Sidney Wilson, personal trainer, fitness model, and actor

“To be the best, you must exceed the best,” says personal trainer and fitness model Sidney Wilson. But, what is the best? “It’s a personal question – and it doesn't always mean you have to be the strongest guy in the world, or the best athlete that ever lived, but it does mean setting stretch goals,” he says.

”People tend to overthink training and fitness.” adds Sidney. “ I help you see it, believe it and achieve it. To make everyday an easy day.”

Sidney’s “easy day” philosophy set off a buzz amongst his community of personal training clients, who describe his training as tough, tougher and toughest. As Sidney puts it “my training is never really easy, but if you’ve done the work, you get in the right mindset, you stick to the regimen, and you do your homework assignments, you reach a state of mind where you experience a level of performance you never thought possible.”

“It's tough, it sucks, you hate it, and you love it. You've got what it takes. You’ve trained, you’re prepared. You know it’s going to be an easy day. “

Sidney has hundreds of “easy day” stories. He recalls a client that ran her first marathon. At the 12th mile she panicked, she didn’t think she could do it. But she recalled her training, her coaching, her knowledge. “I know how to do this,” she said aloud. “26 miles? Easy day.”

Or the cyclist that’s pedaling as hard as he can, but is barely moving because of the high headwinds that just kicked in. He gets concerned, even a little scared. “But hey,” he thinks to himself. “I've trained for this. I know what to do. Easy day.”

As Sidney will tell you, "It’s largely a mind game. Don’t over think it. When you lean on the knowledge you’ve gleaned from my training, you channel your anxiety to make everyday an easy day. You surprise yourself. And you starting making new stretch goals.”

“Working with John was awesome. He gives superb direction, is easy going, always professional and he has a great eye. He’s the best.”

When Sidney’s not training or modeling, he can be seen ripping up the dance floor from the East Village to the Meat Packing district in New York City. He has appeared on Law & Order, CSI and MTV – as well as ads for GUESS and RocaWear. His interests include hip hop, mixed martial arts, hanging with friends and shooting pool, rock climbing, playing basketball, football, and boxing.

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