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Birthdate: April, 1979
Height: 5 11   Weight: 188

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My name is Robert Momenteller, people call me Bobby. I was born and raised in Rockford, Illinois 60 miles west of Chicago. I have been athletic my whole entire life, playing sports all throughout such as Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Soccer. More recently I have competed quite a bit in Bodybuilding and modeling shows. Competing all natural in mostly NPC shows I have won a middleweight and overall title, as well as winning the light heavyweight division on two occasions. I won my home town title Mr. Rockford also. I have done 11 bodybuilding shows and 4 model shows now, competing in the model universe most recently where I placed 12th out of 70 guys and 9th in last year’s show. I have modeled most of my life on and off also, while recently getting back into from the fitness shows. Photographers started showing interest in shooting with me and saw potential and I absolutely love it! I love modeling and acting, as well as singing! Music is a major love of mine. I absolutely love training. I love being in the gym training, blasting my favorite heavy metal music in my headphones! It is such a release for me, I couldn’t live without it.


I weight train 4 days a week and do cardio anywhere from 3-6 times depending if a shoot or contest is approaching. I change my training and split all the time. I believe the key to constant improvement is to always shock the body with something new that it isn’t used to. Always make the body have to adapt to what you’re doing. Never get comfortable doing the same routine. Whatever I do is balls out hardcore all the way! I weight train Mon, wed, thurs, fri. Taken Wednesday and the weekend off for just cardio or complete rest. It’s very important not to over train even if you’re not trying to gain. I lift very heavy and also lighter for super-slow mind blowing muscle connection intense reps....I love to super set and drop set also, whatever shocks the hell out of that muscle on a given day. For cardio I do allot of treadmill and elliptical training, walking at a high incline or jogging. I also love to kick box/box and incorporate that type of training for great cardio conditioning. Now in pursuit of being a full time model I am not interested in getting bigger, only better! Always improving in little ways all the time. I maintain the same diet and training all throughout the year now. With my diet it’s all lean meats and green vegetables and salads throughout the week. I have oatmeal or eziekiel bread in the morning with egg whites and a few yolks in the morning, or substitute a protein shake. I eat on average 7 meals a day, every 2 hours. I usually have about 3 protein shakes either for a meal replacement or in combination with a meal. I also use some lower carb bars for meals sometimes. I eat very clean and healthy 90% of the time, with my cheat day being Sunday....then I eat whatever I want! Making sure I still eat quite often and get enough protein. Everyone knows protein is the key to maintaining muscle, especially as my carbs are very low during the week and all high fiber. The cheat days keeps the metabolism from slowing down as is the key with eating so often in small increments. I stay in shape all the time, with just a little fine tuning and hardcoreness to my diet and training and I am ready for a shoot or show. If I know something is coming up I may just increase the cardio and eliminate the cheat day.

I met photographer John Mitchell through Gina Marie. She had shot with John before and talked highly of him. I was also a little familiar with the site he owns and operates and always thought of being on it to be a great opportunity and exposure for my career. I shot with John just recently in Westchester, Connecticut at a beautiful park location. It was absolutely wonderful! John is a great guy and a great photographer. My experience with John was great and allot of fun. He is very easy going and great to work with. He is very good at getting the shots he wants, and it is never dull or boring. On top of that I got to shoot along with Gina! It was amazing. John also brought in a couple great guys from Texas who was fun to work with too. I would recommend John to anyone in the fitness world who wants a great photographer and more exposure for their career. I definitely plan to shoot with John again as early as the spring of '08'. I am excited to get better and better as a model, and always strive to improve my body with every shoot and show. I absolutely love everything that goes into being a fitness guy, and also be able to do fashion and many different things in the biz as well. I feel I am a very well rounded and versatile model. Be on the lookout for me in the near and distant future as I feel my career is just starting to take off. I am thankful for shooting with guys like John who not only give you a great shoot and shots but also help give you some of the exposure you need to further your career.

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