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Birthdate: May, 1986
Height: 5 7  Weight: 175

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I was born and raised in Trumbull, CT. I lived the normal life of most kids, involving myself in sports and athletics at a young age. I’m blessed to be born with a good set of genetics that has always helped me stand out in the crowd. I was always known as that kid with the big arms who does nothing but work out. I used my size and speed to compete in Varsity football and track and field in high school.

My workout routine sort of blossomed when I got into college. I made good friends with a couple of bodybuilders in the school gym and before I knew it, one year later I entered my first bodybuilding competition. I was hooked immediately by the whole sport. I placed 1st in the teenage division and took 4th in the Men’s Middleweight Class. I loved testing my limits both mentally and physically. I hope that I have shown many people who did not understand what I was getting into that there’s more to the sport than just showing off what you got on stage in a little pair of posing trunks. Bodybuilding has not only taught me a lot about working out and dieting, but I’ve learned a whole lot about myself.

My current routine keeps me around the same weight and fat percentage all year round. I am a firm believer in switching up routines for both lifting and dieting in order to keep things interested and keep the body guessing.

I’m currently on track to graduate from Bryant University in Rhode Island in May of 2008. My degree is in International Business and Marketing with a minor in Spanish language. I categorize myself as a highly motivated and genuine person. I take pride in my work just as much as I do my body and my health. I work in the Fitness Center at Bryant as the personal trainer for students and faculty, a program which I introduced and developed on my own. I also work as a sales rep for a small, privately owned marketing company in Rhode Island.

I have to say I did enjoy shooting with John. Everything goes better and smoother when you have a photographer that you can be comfortable with right off the bat. He made sure to give me full expectations before going through with shooting anything at all. Coming into shooting with John it definitely helped that I had previous experience so he didn’t have to waste too much time giving instruction and setting up shots. I would definitely recommend John to anyone interested in getting into modeling as he is both professional and a friend at the same time.

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