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Birthdate: September, 1969
Height: 5 10, Weight: 170

Working out. Ah yes... love to work out. Of the many activities that I have done before like swimming, springboard diving and soccer (when I was just a wee one :)), the one that I have always stayed close to is weight lifting. I had a boss once ask me why I liked to do this," how can you enjoy lifting weights? It just makes me hot and sweaty and sore". And I agree. It's this environment of uncomfortability that keeps me coming back. For me, nothing else (usually) causes me to be in a situation like resistance training. It is a place that I feel strangely at home... and sane! Life just seems to give you frustrations that can easily be transformed into physical exertion. Additionally, I love to think of the human body as a physical creation of motion. It's beautiful! People just were not built to sit around and be still. The human form is a great tribute to the motion of living-force, a precious quality we all possess in one way or another. Cherish it!

I have a great devotion and passion for fitness training of myself and other people. I have been involved in resistance training since high school. I have been a part of small triathlons and spring board diving. I have always been fairly athletic. Others often seek exercise advice because of this. Even though I have absolutely adored the pursuit of fitness, I often found myself falling short - never really achieving a level I so desire. Over the past couple years I have finally made some big strides in my personal fitness goals. The combination of motivating people to reach a higher potential of life through fitness while proving to myself that I can do it too is my ultimate aspiration.

Here's my profile up to now: Skinny kid, always admired built people. I was also impressed by the attitude that seemed to come with it. It also symbolizes a sort of harmony, dedication, and structure. Through high school, I weighed a whopping 140 Lbs., constantly. And it stayed pretty much like that until college. I finally had a metabolism slow down about 20 years old that boosted me to 150 Lbs. At this time I lived at my aunt and uncles house after surrendering living on my own. I found more time to work out and eat (and study). And that change really got me focusing more. Slowly over the next several years, I increased my weight while working out/going to school/working/scraping by. I read as much as I could and belonged to several gyms around town (I am a gym slut). But what made the biggest difference was when I became involved in a contest from EAS. Although most of what they taught was basic to me, I did pick up on a diet angle to physique training. And I admit now that I am still an EAS baby. I strongly support the same philosophies that EAS and the Body For Life programs advocate. It was at this time that I began to take resistance training much more seriously.

I do agree that genetics play a large role in a persons overall physique, but more importantly, what the person does with his or her physical and mental potential can be much more powerful. Its the whole package: The best shape you can get your body in, the positive attitude and mental conditioning, and this glowing like motivation that hooks the attention of even strangers. Try it!

I admit that working with photographers and modeling gives me a sense of urgency to stay in shape! And I as a personal trainer advocate the involvement of a sport, fitness contest, modeling/photography, bodybuilding, or any of hundreds of innovations to keep you on track and to establish a sense of urgency. There is something for all levels of health and fitness pursuits. Working with John was one for me for well over a year! So many changes in my life since I contacted John caused me to cancel several times! Gheesh, this guy has patience! And it was worth it. I sincerely enjoyed my time with John. He is a really great guy who makes you feel welcome and warm. Obviously talented... I discovered his work on the web through a modeling forum. I am excited to see his work professionally advance!

Applicable credentials:
Participated in three Tall City Triathlons, Midland, Texas
Lifeguard Certified
Instructor Candidate Training
CPR Certified
COM Spring Board Diving Team 1993-94
4th Place Division Invitational Masters Diving at the International Swimming Hall of Fame 1994
WSI (Water Safety Instructor)
Midland College Swimming Instructor 1994 to 2001
Associates of General Studies Midland College 1994
Bachelor of Science in Biology (University Dean's List and Sidney Rose Award), Barrington University 1999
BFL Success Coach (EAS Body For Life) 2000 see or
Physique Homme physique contest finalist May 2001
Cover Mens August 2001
Listed in All American spring 2001
International Sports Sciences Association member, summer 2001
ISSA PFT (Personal Fitness Trainer) Certified
ISSA WFT (Water Fitness Trainer) Certified
Founder Dynamix Personal Fitness Studio fall 2001
Exercise for Men Magazine. August 2002, page 70
Men 2003, Underwear 2003, and Erotica Calendars by R. Vino

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