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Birthdate: September 1986
Height: 6
Weight: 185 to 195

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My name is Jesse. I’m a student attending The Ohio State University seeking a degree in Human Nutrition with a minor in Exercise Science Education. I’ve always had something for fitness and staying in shape ever since junior high school. My dad got me into working out in the gym with the high school football team during the summer of my 7th grade year. I played basketball and soccer all the way through high school, so staying active was an everyday thing. Now I work out on a regular basis to stay in shape. I like to experiment and try new and different types of exercises and routines to mix it up and keep it fresh.

Working out is not the only thing I enjoy doing though. Some of my favorite things to do include cooking, relaxing and watching a movie or reading a book, and just hanging out with my family and pets. I’m a huge animal person, and dogs are especially my weakness. We have three family dogs, two English bulldogs, and a water terrier/lab mix. I also wouldn’t be able to survive without music. It one of the simple things in life, that help get me through my day. I listen to a little bit of everything from hip-hop to country.

I’ve been modeling since 2004. A friend I went to school with introduced me to a photographer that he had worked with while we were at the Arnold Classic held here in Columbus. We did a test shoot, and everything since then has been a true blessing. I have appeared in multiple fitness magazines, and also some calendars. I’ve also had the blessing of working with very skilled and amazing photographers from across the nation. John was no different.

John’s communication before, during, and after the shoot was great. He made sure everything went as planned and all was well. He met me at the airport with a big welcoming smile and a handshake. Throughout the weekend, John was open to any shooting ideas I had along with his own, and the shoot went great. Even the down time was enjoyable, whether it was just chatting and telling stories or eating a nice meal after a long day of shooting.

Thanks John for the incredible experience!

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