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Birthdate: October 1984
Height: 5 10
Weight: 172 to 182

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My name is Bryan Dicken and I currently reside in central Illinois a few hours away from Chicago. At present I am working as a sales associate while I look into going back to school for accounting. I am excited to see where this new experience into the fitness world can lead me.

I started lifting when I was about 15; my dad taught me the basics in lifting and the importance of safety in the gym! I've always enjoyed lifting and learning new ways to improve my physique. For the last few years I lifted as a hobby, but this year everything has changed. John Mitchell contacted me and challenged me to be ready for a photo shoot in august. For the first time ever I was lifting with a purpose! And because of John I’m in the best shape of my life. Working with John was a lot of fun, I was impressed how calm and professional he was in every situation. I have worked with John 3 times now, and he has always been willing to work me and my schedule.

I try to exercise 4 to 5 times a week. Two body parts per workout, and 4 exercises per body part. I change the 4 exercises almost every week. Legs are my favorite thing to exercise, at least till the next day. My diet changes pretty much bi-weekly, depending on where I am according to my goals. Food has always been a weakness of mine. But as long as I have my goals written down where I can see them every day I can control myself. Once every 10 days I will have a cheat day. My favorite cheat foods are chocolate chip pancakes, pizza, and almost any kind of pasta.

When I workout I’m always listening to music. I mainly listen to rock music, like Slipknot, Disturbed, Godsmack, System of a down, Metallica, etc. My favorite movies of all time is, Enter the Dragon, 300, and Troy. I don’t watch T.V. much but when I do I like to watch N.C.I.S., How I met your Mother, Two and a Half Men, and the Simpsons.

Other then working out my hobbies are playing sports and having fun with my Motorcycle. Football is the greatest sport in my opinion. I enjoy playing, or just watching football.

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