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Birthdate: August, 1983
Height: 6 4 Weight: 215

I am 22 years of age and I grew up in Gillette Wyoming until after high school. In high school I participated in various sports such across-country and swimming, all of which I did for one purpose; to help me excel in the one sport I love, baseball. I had to participate in these other sports to better my self in baseball because I was not what you would call athletic. Up until my sophomore year in high school I was somewhat over weight and what I like to call a “couch potato.”

I attended Tabor College in Kansas where I just graduated with a degree in Sports Management and Strength and Conditioning. During those years at school I played varsity baseball and began to exercise and weight train vigorously for my sport and for personal satisfaction. Over the years I have slowly molded by body to what I always desired when I was younger, to be muscular, healthy and fit. Last summer I obtained an internship with the San Diego Padres and consequently moved to California.

One day on the beach in San Diego a photographer approached me to model. I researched and decided it was a genuine proposal and shot with him. From that grew my interest in modeling and I knew once I finished my degree in Sports Management modeling was something I wanted to pursue. Shortly after I met John Mitchell. John helped coordinate my trip and arranged a photo shoot during his seasonal trip to Los Angeles California. The shoot was a huge success for several reasons. First John Mitchell was very easy to work with and was very experienced. Even though I am new to modeling John was very patient and coached me through the shoot with ease. Second, I worked with another model that was very experienced and has had success in modeling and acting. The knowledge that this model and John had to share made the shoot a great learning experience. John’s thoroughness, professionalism and dedication are qualities that make him an excellent photographer. I would recommend him to any new or experienced model looking for quality photographs.

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