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Birthdate: January, 1980
Height: 6' 1 1/2"  Weight: 185 to 195

I was born in Bergen County, New Jersey in 1980. Athletics have always been an integral part of my life from the age of 6. I came from a large family where my father had twelve brothers and sisters. We all lived relatively close to one another and kept in contact. Of all the accolades and achievements I have endeavored as of yet, the part I treasure most is the competition and sacrifice through out the journey. Influenced by my father who played professional soccer in Italy I always challenged myself to reach his level, although my forte was basketball. As beautiful and lesson learning for life athletics were for me, I always had a greater passion for entertaining.

It started back on my 7th birthday party where I rose up with my acoustic guitar and sang "Jail House Rock" by Elvis Presley. From that performance on, my family and I knew what I would end up doing. My passion to entertain for a reaction of emotion has always been invaluable over any monetary incentives of the industry. The cliché term "He is born for it," is indeed the truth. It's not something that can be taught or practiced. In this industry of beautiful people the competition is fierce. The qualities in my personality and character, where I draw my confidence from, will separate me from the herd and take me to my highest level in modeling and acting.

During my elementary school years I began to choose which races I wanted to compete in. I never spread myself out. I decided early on that basketball would give me the most financial, educational success. I would play an average of 3-4 hours daily at all the top gyms and street ball courts. It was important tome to challenge the best and beat them. I never was satisfied with being the big fish in the small tank.

Having the tools and making them work for you is a challenge I see now with baby boomers in the industry. I take great pride in my work ethic whether in business, fitness, basketball, and my personal life. I have always been awarded with the Presidential Club honors for all 3 of my last companies in which I worked for in my marketing/sales career. I started with fashion modeling at the age of 19 and went on into commercials where I worked for MTV for back to back summers.

It is of recent that I decided I wanted to really run and win this race. I plan on networking myself with the top fitness modeling agencies and building a credible name for myself in the next year. The long term goal that I will be working for is to break into Soap Opera television. I have an exotic look with a charisma I feel would be a fit for that genre.

In basketball I was all state all through high school and when on to play Division 1 Junior College basketball in New Jersey until my career ending reconstructive ankle surgery. In my personal life I have learned to juggle relationships, an 80-100 hour per week career, 2 year old daughter, and my level of fitness. I welcome challenges with open arms and learn more about the positive in me every time.

I carry this philosophy of competition at its highest levels today in my career, friendships, relationships, modeling and fitness. I currently am a division sales manager for major franchise accounts at ADP Corporate Headquarters, a Fortune 300 International Company. I began employment at ADP September 1st of 2006, and I have been the top rep for the months of October through December. I earned that spot by coming in to work early and leaving past normal working hours Monday through Saturday, that is what I am most proud of. People shouldn't be proud of talent, but how much they push it to its limits.

My experience with John was very much how I anticipated it to be from my many conversations with him on the phone. He made a newcomer feel comfortable and forget about any pressures we may have built up. A critical part of successful modeling is being completely uninhibited with the camera and John made me feel as if I could. My confidence in my ability to succeed in this industry has reached a level much higher than I would have reached on my own thanks to John. I would, and am currently highly recommending John too many of my friends and would to anyone reading this as well.

John Mitchell has given increased my chances in reaching my goal with his high quality work that is allowing me to present myself in the highest level I can. First impressions are critical in this world. I would recommend John to anyone getting I into this industry because of his empathetic approach to guiding us newcomers to the industry to the right direction. That is what I truly appreciate about John and why I will continue to send quality individuals to him.

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