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Birthdate: January, 1981
Height: 6 1   Weight: 225


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Daniel is an expert in powerlifting, bodybuilding and special strength training for all sports.  He is a certified Special Strengths Coach by Westside Barbell Club, and a certified USA Weightlifting coach.  He has spent years in the trenches experimenting with different techniques of developing strength, power, developing muscle mass, and all other fitness abilities.  

This experience has led to the creation of a new fitness technology called StratFit.  These years in the trenches and studying Russian training science has led to the creation of a technology which allows users to create their own fitness training programs and publish them into the StratFit app, where other users can pay and subscribe.

Daniel spent several years studying Russian training manuals and scientific texts of fitness training to discover all the rules governing training prescription.  This science is what is behind the StratFit rules engine.

Daniel's purpose with StratFit is put the tools in everyone's hands to allow them to scientifically reach their specific fitness goals.  Anyone who is interested in this opportunity please contact.

I had a fantastic experience working with photographer John from He was one of the most professional photographers I have worked with in my career, possessing great ideas and always treating me with respect. You will meet some unsavory individuals in this industry unfortunately, and that makes you appreciate working with someone like John.

John has a knack for showing your physique its best advantage and unique ideas for fashion photography. I enjoyed seeing the diverse areas he had at his disposal to shoot and getting to see some of the New England area’s beautiful scenery. Overall the experience was very satisfactory and I would recommend working with John to anyone looking to get into the industry or expand their portfolio.




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