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Birthdate: January, 1981
Height: 6 1   Weight: 225

As a young child the heroes that always fascinated me where the mythical characters of great strength and physical prowess. I was infatuated with He-man, Conan, and The Incredible Hulk. You could have other kids could have the Hot Wheels and the Transformer toys; I always wanted the GI Joes, He-man figures, and Wrestling figures. My first memories of watching movies where the great action films of the 1980s. As a child after going to the theater of watching these films on television in my parent’s living room, I would always dream of myself as the hero of the film, destroying all the evil villains and getting the beautiful girl. It was this fascination with power that leads me to become a fan of Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and Pro Wrestling. I idolized Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Hulk Hogan, and Ken Shamrock.

I grew up on my Grandparents' and parents' farms in Western Missouri. As a child and teen I was always throwing hay bales and other types of physical labor, which I thank God for since it gave me and incredible strength and conditioning base.

I didn't start with weight training until I was 19 years old. I was always very husky in high school. When I graduated something clicked in me and I decided to clean up my diet. Within months I had a defined chest, ripped abs and veins on my biceps. I remember going to the pool with my girlfriend at the time and she "Whoa you are buff." I remember thinking "I am?" So I decided to join a local gym in my hometown of Harrisonville, MO, called all muscle fitness. I became great friends with the owner Robert Cantrell. I became a gym rat, because my genetics were very outstanding and I could see improvement almost daily. Within 6 months I did my first bodybuilding show at age 20.

I began doing Hapkido at this time as well, learning falls, arm locks, kicks and rolls. I was also a huge fan of the late, great Bruce Lee and kung Fu film addict, as well as the other action film genres. I worked up to Green Belt, and then I suffered a huge set back.

In the fall of 2001, I broke my right humorous bone; arm wrestling. I was winning the match, but got myself way out of position and went for a slam and snapped my own bone into 3 pieces. I had to go through surgery and was out of all training for two months.

I remembered watching the film "The Dragon" about the life of Bruce Lee, and it was when he suffered a horrible injury that he went back a rethought all his methods, and grew his mind so he would be even better after the injury. So as all I could do was sit on the couch since even just breathing hurt the muscles in my arm for the next two months, I spent all my time reading about bodybuilding, diet, and Martial Arts.

When I finally came back, I was smarter so my gains in the gym came even more rapidly. I decided to use the next two years to mass up, eating every calorie in site. I May of 2002 my original gym had to close due to not enough cliental in my rural hometown. I was very devastated because I was great friends with the owner and had tried to find a way to purchase the gym and keep things alive but all the equipment was new and at 21 years old it was not feasible at the time.

It was then that I found what at the time was the ultimate training home for me. McNeely’s gym, located in Grandveiw/South Kansas City, MO, was probably the most hard core gym on the Earth. Not a single piece of equipment in the gym was purchased any later than 1985. Everything was kept working perfect, but the machines looked like equipment that would have been used to train the Gladiators for the war games of the Coliseum in ancient Rome. This was the perfect place for my goals of mass. Over the next two years I weekly did Squats, Dead Lifts, Bench Presses, and the heavy basic compound lifts. This combined with my incredibly high calorie diet got me up to 300 pounds naturally. I looked like a strongman competitor.

I spent the all of the next year still training balls to the wall and cutting up, though I was soul searching due to a painful break up with my former long term girlfriend. Around November of 03’ I was still in search mode, wondering in prayer to God what I was going to do with life and if I would ever get back on track. Then the owner of McNeely’s decided he needed a buyer or he would close down. This was new reason for I knew I could not let the only hardcore gym in the Midwest fall by the wayside. So, I sold my 97’ Harley Davidson Fat Boy and bought the gym.

After four months of renovations to a new building in South Kansas City I relocated and changed the name of the gym to the now famous and infamous “Iron Mc’s Gym.” I vowed to make the new gym even more hardcore, adding a dog cage complete with barbed wire around our power lifting bench, an enormous leg press/hack machine that resembles a guillotine, and old-school universal gym and playing the loudest uncensored Heavy Metal and Rap music in any fitness facility in the world.

In the new location I also was able to realize my dream of having a Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts area. I built a home made sparring ring and equipped the room with heavy bags, speed bag, double end bags, and bull dozer tires for cardio and sledge hammer work. The room has seen many of Kansas City’s best in the fight game, including World Champion Boxers, Isaiah “The Profit” Henderson, Alvin “The Quickster” Brown, and pro Boxer/MMA fighter and World Heavyweight Champion Jeff “Big Diesel” Ford. Training with greats like these is what has taken my Boxing and Martial Arts game to a new level.

In the coming months I will be taking on partners in the “Iron Mc’s” business, my long time friends and local Body Builders, “Iron” Will Cowan, and Tony “Tiger arms” McSwain. They are going to keep Iron Mc’s alive while I relocate to the New York area to work with Mike Lyons and R-L Models on getting a modeling and acting career going. Immense credit goes to God and my parents David and LeeAnn, as well as my sister and my grandparents for supporting me through all my endeavors and adventures.

Look for me to be showing my game in upcoming action films!

Working with John Mitchell or

I had a fantastic experience working with photographer John Mitchell for He was one of the most professional photographers I have worked with in my career, possessing great ideas and always treating me with respect. You will meet some unsavory individuals in this industry unfortunately, and that makes you appreciate working with someone like John.

John has a knack for showing your physique its best advantage and unique ideas for fashion photography. I enjoyed seeing the diverse areas he had at his disposal to shoot and getting to see some of the New England area’s beautiful scenery. Overall the experience was very satisfactory and I would recommend working with John to anyone looking to get into the industry or expand their portfolio.

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