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Birthdate: July, 1978
Height: 6 1  Weight: 208 to 230

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Chad Crouse was born in Millington, Tennessee in 1978, soon after moved and raised in Northern Oregon. At a young age began to exceed his fellow classmates with his athletic abilities. He began wrestling, football and track. He wrestled from the age of 10 in folk style, freestyle, and Greco roman style throughout High school and College undefeated! What made him extremely competitive was the challenge of having an Identical Twin Brother. He wrestled and traveled on the U.S.A. freestyle team for 1 year after College before moving to L.A. Once in L.A. he started to pursue bodybuilding and fitness modeling. While educating him in these fields became an Independent Personal Trainer and fitness expert, and has been doing this for over 10 years. He is nationally certified and extremely knowledgeable in body sculpting and reshaping as well as nutrition and supplement guidance. Coming from a very diverse ethnic background which includes German, English, Filipino, and Spanish gives him the genetic upper hand in bodybuilding. With stunning good-looks, great muscle symmetry, height, and bone structure helps him to succeed in placing top three in all shows he has competed in. Many bodybuilders are known for a particular body part. Chad is known for his wide set shoulders, and his small tight mid section, giving him an impressive tapered physique! But, what really sets Chad apart from the rest is his hard work and determination. He has an internal drive, mental discipline, and passion that carries him though all physical and mental achievements. His motivation and determination is felt by everyone around him. He strives on spreading healthy and fit lifestyles not only to his clients, but friends and family as well. Chad takes great pride in transforming his clients not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. Chad will be appearing in more bodybuilding shows, fitness events and magazines in the near future. Keeping with competitive spirit his twin brother Chris will be featured as well. Look forward to seeing more of the "Crouse Twins" in action.

Outside Interests:

Mountain Biking/Downhill or trail jump riding - Snowboarding/Skiing during the winter - Quad riding/Dirt bike riding at the Dunes, during the spring and summer - Driving High performance cars on the track - Motorcycle Riding on the weekends - Music/Singing for fun - Hanging out with friends - Going to the beach catching some sun - Being massaged/pampered & Being loved on.

I have now shot with John Mitchell on 2 occasions with another photoshoot scheduled in the near future.
The pictures I have received from the photoshoots are outstanding.

The first photoshoot took place in Venice, California. John picked out some spectacular locations and we produced some great color and b/w beach images. He is known for his scenic backdrops with beautiful colors and interesting angles. I was certainly impressed. WOW!

The second photoshoot took place around the red sands of Arizona. I just received the photos recently and man they are amazing! I can not give John all the credit because I worked really hard to prepare for these two photoshoots as well, lol.

It takes a combination of model and photographer working well together as a "team" to get the most out of your location and every shot. I am looking forward to our photoshoot coming up in August and to what crazy ideas we both come out working together.

Thank you John for the opportunities you have given me by working together with you! It has been an enjoyable experience and I do get a kick teasing you on your long counting during the photoshoots, lols..."1, 2, 3, hold it, hold it, hold it"....but, I cant hold it any :)

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